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Project Officer Uyvar Hablemitoglu explores EBRD regions

Project Officer Uyvar Hablemitoglu explores EBRD regions

 June 13, 2019

EBRD has released an inspiring video where Project Officer Uyvar Hablemitoglu travels across EBRD regions and visits some of the company's most exciting projects, from the baking hot desert of Egypt to the sub-zero tundra of Kazakhstan.

Investing in eco-initiatives 

Uyvar's first stop is to the largest solar plant in all of Africa - Benban Solar Park in Egypt, which is 37 km and powers 1 million homes. All this power being provided is thanks to EBRD's green investment - that totals €30 billion across all its projects.

Creating local jobs

Uyvar also visits the Air Astana Hangar in Kazakhstan, which is the biggest hangar in Central Asia at 5556 m2 . It has been developed using the latest technologies and innovations and employs 230 people. EBRD has invested €40 billion into infrastructure projects like Astana.

Solar plant Egypt Africa EBRD

Supporting women in business

In Istanbul, Turkey, Uyvar heads to OPUS3a Record Store, a store which is for fans of real music. Thanks to support from the EBRD's Women in Business Programme, OPUS3a was able to start selling online. Now, their music is not only reaching the ears of people in Turkey, but from across the world.

The EBRD Women in Business Programme has helped 50,000 women entrepreneurs fulfill their business dreams.

Competing in worldwide markets

Uyvar's next stop is the MV Cargo Grain Terminal Port, Ukraine, the largest grain terminal port in the country, with an annual capacity of five million tonnes. It enables Ukraine exporters to be more competitive in the worldwide market, and this is thanks to the EBRD's €16 transport investment. 

Air Astana EBRD

Supplying furniture to Starbucks

Finally, Uyvar ends her journey across EBRD regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There, she pays a visit to a workshop that produces artisan furniture for over sixty countries worldwide - even Starbucks uses its products in their stores! 

The EBRD has helped 30,000 small businesses like the furniture workshop. 

Watch Uyvar's exciting journey below and see for yourself how the EBRD is changing lives around the world.

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