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Get a 360° feel for what its like working at 84.51° via a virtual peek

Get a 360° feel for what it's like working at 84.51° via a virtual peek

 June 13, 2019

Ever wanted to know what it's like to work at 84.51°? You're in luck!

84.51° has opened its virtual doors to allow you to take a peek inside it's Cincinnati headquarters.

A thriving, collaborative 84.51° workspace

8451 virtual office

When you go into 84.51°'s office building in Cincinnati, you’re welcomed into the thriving, collaborative 84.51° community. And 84.51° has designed their space to reflect the company's belief in the power of collaboration.

From the privacy booths to the command center, the game space to the innovation space, every corner of the building is a place where people can come together and transform customer experiences. 

Fabulous work spaces

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Relaxing with colleagues or taking time out 

In addition to many collaborative work spaces, there are also many fabulous relaxation places and spaces to enjoy - like a Company Gym, an Innovation Space, a Physical Therapy Room, a Massage Room, a Mother’s Room, a Relaxation Room, and a brilliant Patio for chilling out.

8451 office

So go on, take a peek! You know you want to! View the full virtual tour right here.

Be inspired by an innovative workplace environment

Women at 84.51° lead exciting and fulfilling careers that make a difference to employees, customers and the wider community - all in a fantastic workplace environment.

There is no better time than today to search and apply for an exciting new job with 84.51°. 


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