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Celebrating Eatons North America Sales leader Molly Murphy

Celebrating Eaton's North America Sales leader Molly Murphy

 July 01, 2019

Molly Murphy, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Eaton, is the winner of The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) Women in Industry Trailblazer Award. The NAED Women in Industry Trailblazer Award is given to a woman who has had an outstanding career in distribution and has made a positive difference supporting women in the electrical distribution industry. 

"Sales is always relevant - people buy from people they trust. But how we help them get there and how we transition from where we are today to enabling our sales team to move forward is a core need and it's really important that we do that well," she says.

Molly shares with tED Magazine her thoughts on the industry and her career, her best accomplishments to date, and some great career advice for those wanting to follow her footsteps.

Some phenomenal people in the industry

Molly explains what she loves most about the industry.

"The best part of this industry is the people. And when you look at the industry, it's a critical component of how we build our world: how we build infrastructure, how we invent, how we push forward into sustainability," she says.

"Our industry helps drive all these things, and there are some phenomenal people in this industry who care about the companies they run, who care about the people who work there, and who want to be part of making things better and driving change. It's an exciting place to be."

Learning a lot from people at Eaton 

And for Molly, it's the people that make her job at Eaton so fantastic.

"There's no question that it's the people I work with on a daily basis - that's where I get my energy from," she adds. "I spend a lot of time out in our sales offices and with customers, because when you visit you learn, and I've a very curious person. In spending time with people, I learn a lot, and I love that part of my job."

tED Magazine Molly

What Molly likes least about her job

And Molly's least favorite part of her job? The steel-toed shoes.

"There’s always something about a job that you aren’t going to like, [and] there are always tough days. But if I have to [pick] something as my least favorite, it is truly having to wear steel-toed shoes. I’m a major shoe person. I love shoes. I have a lot of shoes—it drives my husband crazy," she says. 

"And I still can’t find a designer who does steel-toed shoes that are good. Imagine if you could put something together that would make women feel good about wearing them! It is kind of funny, [worrying about] clothing and wearing the right thing, [but] we’re out on jobsites, we’re in factories, and it’s one of the hardest parts [for women]. I think guys have it so much easier [when it comes to this]."

Passionate about creating places where people can learn

Molly shares what her greatest accomplishment has been at Eaton.

"My first job coming into Eaton was organizational development, and one of the things my team and I did was build something called Cutler-Hammer University. What makes me so proud about it is that the concept evolved to this day, where we now have something called Eaton University, and the foundation of that was what we started with Cutler-Hammer University," she says.

"Every year, we have thousands of people go through it for all sorts of education and learning so that they can figure out how they get to the next level in their career and how [they can] be more successful. I love that because building talent is one of the most important things a leader does. You are only as good as your team, so making sure we have places where people can learn is something I feel really passionate about."

Receiving guidance from people she trusts

Finally, Molly shares some great advice for people wanting to kick-start a career at Eaton.

"Make sure you find people whom you trust to offer guidance so that when you make a mistake, they're helping you understand what happened and how to get back on track," she adds.

"When I look at what made me successful, much of it was due to the people around me who helped me. And it's because of the time I spent building both internal and external friendships - not just networks, but friendships - with people I trusted. You can't make that up."

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