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Leading employer HCL continues to forge a balance for better

 July 01, 2019

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HCL is a top employer helping to forge a balance for better. HCL believes that every day is a celebration that can bring countless opportunities to pave the path for success. It is heartening to see the efforts being made by HCL leadership and employees to steer an environment that's conducive, transparent and inclusive for their diverse workforce.

Hear from three women who are inspiring change at HCL via their thriving careers.

Dr Padma Priya, HCL Clinical Center of Excellence Delivery Lead


Dr. Padma Priya is an MBBS Physician with a Masters degree in Clinical Research. She has vast experience in clinical practice and pharmacovigilance. Padma works for the HCL Clinical Center of Excellence as a Delivery Lead. She manages multiple medical device accounts across many locations.

“When I joined HCL, I took part in the Senior Hire Integration Program which was designed especially for me. The program was well designed with an initial introduction with the HR partners, Reporting managers, and a Coach to assist me in aligning to the organization. There were multiple connects with various stakeholders and I was asked to prepare for a 90-day program to track the progress of my learnings," says Padma.

"It was unique as I had to go through multiple coaching sessions with my personal Coach, who did a lot to bring out the best in me. Post completion of the 90-day target, an L2 head presentation was mandated and this gave me further excitement and visibility. I had a high amount of satisfaction from sailing through the 90 days hassle free with ample support from the leadership and HR. Furthermore, within a short span these learnings paved the way to effective client presentations in all my current engagements.”

Padma shares some fantastic advice for women starting out in her career today: “If you have a dream and a wish to fulfil it, HCL is the place to be. Performance and recognition will go hand in hand if you give your best and leave the rest.”

Arshita Khatri, HCL Senior Executive with Diversity and Inclusion CoE


Arshita Khatri joined HCL as a Management Trainee and is currently a Senior Executive with the Diversity and Inclusion CoE. She is based in HCL's Noida, India, office.

“When I was a kid, I found that the most defining moments of my student-athlete experience was that I encountered excellence in whichever sport I played, be it Kho-Kho, Long jump, Long distance, or Short distance races. Eventually I realized that speed had become my love. I took pride in my athletic accomplishments, but due to some unfortunate events, my life went downhill," she says.

"I struggled during my high school exams, both academically and athletically. I was no longer the best player in my team, which shook my confidence, and I started doubting myself in the classroom. The subjects I had aced throughout my academics stopped coming naturally to me. I can still remember sweat dripping down my back as my clammy palms flipped through the pages of my first board exam paper. But I am really grateful that I still had some courage and enough faith in myself to get going again."

"Harnessing this leftover courage, I changed my mindset slowly and steadily and started believing in my capabilities once again. Persistence and patience helped me turn the wheels in my favor and the results started showing. My grades improved significantly. Less stress in the classroom helped me succeed again in sports as well. The best part? I went on to become the Sports Captain of my college," Arshita adds.

"Being a student-athlete requires discipline, time management, commitment, mental strength, responsibility, teamwork, adaptability, and a great deal of pride in representing your team. I was able to play the sport I absolutely love along with obtaining an elite education and developing useful life skills and characteristics for life after school. My student-athlete experience has helped shape the strong and independent woman I am today and I am proud of it. The love for speed I had during my school days did not stop there. I continued my passion and now, as a National Level Go-Karting racer, I can proudly say ‘Once the helmet is on, I am not a man or a woman, I am only a racing driver’."

Gianina Maria Ciriaco, HCL Lead Executive


Gianina Maria “Gia” Ciriaco is a Lead Executive in the BServ practice in the Philippines at HCL.

“I am new to HCL but I know I’m guided by the right people who share my values, empower the community, and encourage me to be the best I can be," she explains.

"I have a passion for Humanitarian service and I am the Founding Member of the Rotaract Club of Pasay Cyber City in the Philippines. Rotaract is a worldwide organization and partner of Rotary International which campaigns to support some of the world’s biggest issues including polio, water sanitation, poverty, and more. This platform allows me to think of innovative ways to inspire youth to lend their time, talent, and resources towards making a difference in the world."

"I am glad that Rotaract has given me an opportunity to connect with different people from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities from across the world. In fact, I chose HCL as an employer because HCL values the strengths and capabilities of people. It is important to have that inclusive and balanced environment that motivates and recognizes the potential of each individual," she adds.

"As a proud woman who is a part of dynamic and diverse organization, my piece of advice to everyone is to acknowledge the potential of everyone. When we collaborate, we bring out the best in everyone and we all succeed.”

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