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EBRD tackles hot topics in Pocket Dilemmas podcast

EBRD tackles hot topics in Pocket Dilemmas podcast

 July 11, 2019

The European Bank for Construction and Development (EBRD) hosts an exciting podcast series called Pocket Dilemmas: big answers to big questions where the Bank's experts and further bright minds discuss current economic topics. The podcast series provides insight into how the EBRD sees the economic climate and aims to make a difference.

While there is a whole series of thought-provoking content to tune into, Where Women Work would like to flag three podcasts of particular interest. 

Age against the machine and the future of work

EBRD podcast

What is the future of work? How will technology, automation and artificial intelligence change our jobs and will we and our children actually have jobs the way we do now? Will, in fact, the future be a battle between us and the machines? In this podcast, Jason Furman from Harvard Kennedy School and EBRD Chief Economist Sergei Guriev help resolve this dilemma.

Listen to the podcast here.

Mind the LGBTQI pay gap!

EBRD podcast LGBT pay

How does sexual orientation affect the pay gap? While we often hear of the gender pay gap, EBRD's podcast sets about exploring how sexual preferences impact salaries and rights in the workplace and elsewhere.

Pocket Dilemmas speaks to Kitt Carpenter, Professor of Economics at Vanderbilt University, and Cevat Aksoy, one of EBRD's economists, about the LGBTQI pay gap and the findings from the research.

Among the research findings is that, on average, gay men in the United States earn 11 per cent less than heterosexual men, while lesbians earn 9 per cent more than heterosexual women.

Listen to the podcast here.

What is the future of poverty?

EBRD podcast poverty

Many believe that life has improved over the last two centuries, particularly as measured by a decline in extreme poverty, yet this view can provoke fierce debate among economists across the globe.

In this episode of Pocket Dilemmas, EBRD's presenters were joined by EBRD Chief Economist, Sergei Guriev, and the Chief Economist of the UK Department for International Development, Rachel Glennerster, to discuss the past, present and future of poverty.

Listen to the podcast here.

EBRD's Kerrie Law is a co-host of the Pocket Dilemma podcast series

The hosts of the Pocket Dilemmas podcast are EBRD's Kerrie Law and Jonathan Charles, who gather with leading economists to talk about the biggest dilemmas shaping economic and political challenges in the world.

EBRD podcast host Kerrie Law
Pictured: EBRD podcast co-host Kerrie Law

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