Rachel Ward, Vodafone Global Diversity and Inclusion Team HR Explore Intern, took part in Vodafone's Global PRIDE Webinar Event in Vodafone's London Innovation lab

Vodafone HR intern Rachel Ward attends Global PRIDE Webinar

Vodafone HR intern Rachel Ward attends Global PRIDE Webinar

Rachel Ward is one of Vodafone's HR Explore Interns and has joined Vodafone's Global Diversity & Inclusion Team. She shares her experience and exposure in her role at Vodafone and her involvement in Vodafone's Global PRIDE Webinar event that highlights Vodafone's commitment to LGBT+ inclusion and diversity. 

Taking part in Vodafone's Global PRIDE Webinar event

In just her third week as a HR intern for Group Diversity and Inclusion at Vodafone, Rachel was able to take part in her first ever Global PRIDE Webinar Event in V-Lab, Vodafone's Innovation lab in Paddington.

The Global PRIDE Webinar, organised and hosted by Felizitas Lichtenberg, is an annual event that takes place in order to demonstrate to employees across the markets that Vodafone is serious about being LGBT+ friendly, whether it be in the work they do on a daily basis, or training for Vodafone leaders and employees in order to truly live the values the company sets. The Global PRIDE Webinar Rachel attended had 4,000 views and all employees could join via an internal online platforms and in the rooms themselves. 

"I was able to watch the Global Webinar being put together: It was fascinating to see not only the efforts that are gone to in order to help the event run smoothly, but the thoughtfulness and the inspiration that both our leaders and the external speakers conveyed," says Rachel.

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Hearing talks from inspiring guest speakers on LGBT+ issues

The Webinar included talks from Alice Nkom, one of only two Human Rights lawyers who is fighting for LGBT+ rights in Cameroon, who Rachel describes as a "truly inspiring and incredible woman". Alice is working to ensure the decriminalisation of being LGBT+ and is stopping at nothing to uphold these human rights.

"I also had the honour of welcoming external guest Salil Tripathi, who works for the Institute of Human Rights and is involved in the policy-making for the protection of human rights across the globe. To only be three weeks into my internship,and being able to witness such powerful and fascinating people all together at one event, is truly something I will never forget and will take with me forever as an example of how to lead," adds Rachel.

Although Rachel found it shocking and surprising that there are still countries where it is illegal to be LGBT+, she also found it enlightening to know that Vodafone is constantly fighting and striving to come together as a community to celebrate the way that the company is inclusive for all no matter what.

Witnessing a huge commitment to diversity and inclusion

As a Summer Intern in the Diversity and Inclusion team, Rachel was fascinated and keen to learn more about the work that went on during Pride month, especially having a first-hand insight into the efforts of driving the standards of Diversity and Inclusion throughout the workplace.

"Having a passion for diversity and inclusion does not go unnoticed at Vodafone, and it is refreshing to see that even from the offset there are strong values and beliefs in being inclusive for all, especially through the many Webinars and events that are carried out over the year," she adds.

"Having been involved in the run up to the event, I have witnessed a huge sense of commitment to the Pride month and more broadly for building a workplace that welcomes all and creates an environment where everyone can thrive. These thoughts are turned into actions on a daily basis by all my colleagues: our leaders building an inclusive people strategy and myself and my peers leading from example."

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