The University of Sheffield is a proud LGBT+ inclusive employer

The University of Sheffield is a proud LGBT+ inclusive employer

 July 16, 2019

The University of Sheffield has an ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, including that of the LGBT+ community.

“I’m passionate about developing an inclusive work environment where everyone can flourish," says Professor Gill Valentine, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Senior LGBT+ Champion at the University of Sheffield.

“Pride is about taking a positive stance against discrimination towards LGBT+ people as well as celebrating their identity. It is a time to recognise how far the LGBT+ community has come and to reflect on how we still need collective action to foster openness, increase understanding and share responsibility to continue to progress LGBT+ equality," she adds.

“At the University we have been at the forefront of many innovative initiatives to enable LGBT+ staff and students to reach their full potential. I am keen to continue the progress of this work as I recognise there is still more to be done. Thank you to everyone here committed to helping us build an LGBT+ inclusive workplace."

The University of Sheffield's key LGBT+ inclusion work

The University of Sheffield's LGBT+ staff and student networks continue to work closely with the University to make sure that it is a safe and inclusive place to work and study. This work includes developing LGBT+ inclusive resources, training, policies, and awareness campaigns.

And it’s thanks to the hard work and commitment of many colleagues and students in helping the University of Sheffield build an LGBT+ inclusive workplace that it is consistently recognised as a Stonewall Top 100 employer.

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The University is also hosting a conference about LGBT+ domestic abuse, launched by local charity SAYiT that works with young people and professionals to provide practical support around LGBT+ life, sexual health, HIV and mental wellbeing. 

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The University of Sheffield is a Top Trans-Inclusive Employer 

The University of Sheffield has also been recognised as a Stonewall Top Trans-Inclusive Employer for its commitment to trans inclusion. The University of Sheffield recognises that it still has work to do and is continuing to make this a key focus area. Continuous reviews of its policies and systems to update its language is one way in which the University works towards LGBT+ inclusion. The University of Sheffield has worked with colleagues to review and update its Transgender Guiding Principles and will continue to engage with stakeholders and progress this work moving forward. The University of Sheffield has also created an E-Learning course Trans Awareness that is available to staff.

Gendered Intelligence have run face-to-face trans equality training for over 130 University of Sheffield staff to provide guidance on transgender terminology and language, and the legal and work-related issues that trans colleagues may face. This work is crucial for incorporating trans inclusion into every day practice. 

The University of Sheffield's Gender Equality Committee now has representation from staff with expertise on transgender issues. This committee aims to raise awareness and offer support to the University in progressing gender equality, acting as a body of expertise in this area. Broadening committee membership to include expertise on transgender issues is key in helping the University to consider trans inclusion as part of this work.

The University of Sheffield promotes Bi-visibility

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Sarah Shahid, from the University of Sheffield's English Language Teaching Centre, is a Bi representative on the LGBT+ Staff Network. She described what it means to be Bi and to work at the University. “I know I am safe to be Bi at the University. I feel supported and valued, with the freedom to be me and can work without having to worry about phobic comments.”

The University of Sheffield supports an LGBT+ allies programme

The University of Sheffield's LGBT+ allies programme, Open@TUOS, aims to empower all staff to help create an open, inclusive environment for LGBT+ colleagues and students at the University, by sharing information, encouraging people to become actively involved in LGBT+ activities and by asking staff to visibly support LGBT+ inclusion.

Further your career with an LGBT+ inclusive employer

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