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Arcadis podcast covers staying relevant and re-imagining work

Arcadis podcast covers staying relevant and re-imagining work

 July 22, 2019

The exciting Long Story Short, Future Cities podcast from Arcadis UK explores what lies ahead for our cities and the people who live, work, move, and play in them. Arcadis takes the big issues facing people in the UK and condenses them into short, snappy conversations where experts give their opinions on the latest trends that will influence the quality of life for people across the country. 

News episodes of Future Cities are added every month and listeners can subscribe. For those interested in how our cities are changing and what our lives will be like in the future, the podcast is really interesting.

Lara Potter, Workforce for the Future Director at Arcadis UK, and Julia Hobsbawm OBE who writes about social health humans in the machine era, discuss the future of work. In Re-imagining Work, they take the question 'What will be the last profession left standing?' and look at it from all angles. The podcast is hosted by presenter and reporter Emma Nelson.

Working in an ever-changing world

In the Re-imagining Work episode, the women share their theories and experiences on why everything is changing so fast and what we can all do to keep up and stay relevant.

The way in which we work is changing at a rate never seen before. But what does this mean for how and where we work, and even the sort of work we will be doing? With a third of jobs expected to be wiped out in the next three decades, many people wonder what the 'last profession' will be. Listen to the podcast here

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