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Health, safety and wellbeing are core priorities at Exyte

Health, safety and wellbeing are core priorities at Exyte

 August 13, 2019

Exyte embraces safety as one of its core values and is committed to providing an incident-free and injury-free workplace, which protects the safety, health and wellbeing of around 5,600 employees at all times around the world.

Always looking for opportunities to improve safety culture

For Exyte, exceptional safety performance is an organizational commitment, which makes sure that all its employees, contractors and stakeholders go home safe. 

“We should always be looking for opportunities to improve our safety culture and have the conviction to speak out loud when we consider situations or behavior unsafe or detrimental to the safety of our workforce," says Roberto Penno, Chief Operating Officer of Exyte.

“I believe that an excellent safety culture is important for every organization. The major pillars for the concept of organizational safety are strategy, leadership, employee engagement and culture," adds Wolfgang Homey, Chief Financial Officer of Exyte.

"Exyte has transitioned from managing safety through tasks and checklists to embracing safety as a cultural imperative. Processes and procedures are important, but they cannot guarantee an Incident Free Workplace by themselves. They have to be galvanized by involving employees mentally and emotionally.”

Celebrating World Day for Safety and Health at Work

On World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Exyte used the opportunity to further raise awareness for workplace safety and health issues. For example, Exyte employees across China gathered to celebrate the day.

Exyte World Heath and Safety Day

Receiving an award for good practices in health and wellbeing 

Exyte China was also awarded Best Wellness Employee at the Asia Best Workplace (Mainland China) Awards organized by AIA and HRoot. Supported by the School of Public Health Peking, the event recognizes organizations for their good practices in delivering health and wellbeing in the workplace.

The award recognized Exyte's commitment to providing a safe, healthy and sustainable work environment for its employees.

Treating every individual at Exyte with dignity and care

Exyte understands that respect for people means to care for them and to protect the environment in which they live and work. Therefore, Exyte creates an environment in which every individual is respected and treated with dignity and care.

“Safety is an integral part of our culture. Nothing is more important for us than our employees: We spend time training them, mentoring them and encouraging them to bring added value to our organization," says explains Jonathan Eades, VP Corporate Safety Health Environment and Quality at Exyte. "Therefore, we remain committed to protecting their safety and health by providing an Incident Free Workplace."

Exyte also always looks for opportunities to improve its safety culture. An important factor is that all employees have the conviction and courage to speak out when situations are considered unsafe or detrimental to the safety of Exyte's workforce. Exyte honors exceptional safety performance and best practices of its teams and employees with regular Safety Awards.

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