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Arcadis Director: Innovation thrives in diverse environments

Arcadis Director: 'Innovation thrives in diverse environments'

 August 15, 2019

Brooke Bonkoski is a West Region Director for Arcadis’ Environmental Practice. She participated in a diversity and inclusion feature for Environmental Business Journal where she shared her firsthand perspective on diversity and inclusion.

In the article, Brooke speaks about her personal experience as a women leader in the environmental industry and where society is today in terms of supporting underrepresented populations in STEM-related careers.

“While there is a lot of energy and focus on women, we have to remember that there are a variety of underrepresented groups in our industry, and we need to be cognizant of intersectionality, which magnifies marginalization,” says Brooke.

Brooke also talks about how Arcadis is leading the way for a more diverse and inclusive workplace thanks to its wide range of initiatives, from company-wide inclusion surveys to employee affinity groups.

“To Arcadis, client success means bringing insights, agility and innovation to co-create value. We can’t do that without a diversity of voices and perspectives," she explains.

"Study after study has shown that creativity and innovation thrive in diverse environments, and that solutions should be developed by people who can understand and empathize with the end user, who themselves are a diverse group of people. Through collaboration and inclusion, we create better outcomes and stronger solutions, and achieve our passion for improving quality of life.”

For more insights into Arcadis' approach to diversity and inclusion, read the full interview with Brooke in Environmental Business Journal

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