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Luisa works as a Project Engineer for Exytes Life Sciences

Luisa works as a Project Engineer for Exyte's Life Sciences

 August 29, 2019

Working in the area of Life Sciences, Luisa Metzler is a Project Engineer LSC Process with Exyte in Germany. She delivers major projects in compliance with special requirements for industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, specialty and fine chemicals, medical devices, consumer care, food and nutrition.

It’s an exciting and challenging sector to work in, with an emphasis on delivering facilities that operate safely, economically and sustainably. Working within a dedicated team, Luisa is tasked with implementing projects professionally within budget, on-time, and according to the latest technical standards.

Where Women Work caught up with Luisa to find out more about her important work.

A client-focused daily routine for Luisa

On a daily basis, Luisa requires a varied skill set for her job. “To me the Life Sciences Business is a very individual business where many formal solutions may lead to the desired outcome. A great deal of profound technical knowledge combined with excellent communication skills is needed in order to achieve the best results for the client and for the project success,” explains Luisa.

For Luisa, every new project offers the chance to cover something unknown, be part of a new team, build a new client contact and tackle new functional challenges.

“Working on a project basis results in the work’s intensity and its ups and downs. In order to cope with those movements, one needs to work within suitable surroundings that provides support both emotionally and personally,” she adds. “This also results in highly diverse everyday work, which to me personally is one of the best parts of this job.”

Attacking a challenge offers great opportunity

Stepping away from the everyday and looking further at the ‘bigger picture’ of her work, Luisa says there are many overall challenges, changes and opportunities at the moment.

She explains that working as an engineer in Life Sciences challenges every member of the team through a highly client-oriented routine. “We work together very closely with the clients. So our everyday project behaviour contributes highly to the organization’s bigger picture,” says Luisa.

There are also a lot of unfamiliar specialist subjects to focus on, which Luisa regularly challenges herself to tackle. In her words, she enjoys “attacking the challenge”.

Luisa explains that challenges present the greatest opportunity: “There is a lot of growing potential within a huge field of unknown fields. I need to always move forward, so I embrace all challenges and opportunities to further my personal career.”

Plenty of space for hardworking women at Exyte

Thinking about the work culture at Exyte, Luisa says she especially enjoys the company’s open-door policy: “We work very closely together and care about each other’s challenges. We follow an open-door policy and all problems can be discussed with the proper experts without major bureaucratic burdens.”

Luisa would recommend even more women to apply for roles with Exyte. She says there are many skills and qualities which are highly valued at the company, including a willingness to grow through tackling tasks, possessing creativity to work on solution-based projects, a willingness to work with varying project demands with regards to travel, teams and client relations, the ability to adopt a certain ‘hardness’ to overcome temporary downs, and a willingness to work closely within teams.

Luisa offers the following advice to women who possess these qualities and wish to work with Exyte. “Allow yourself to be affected as little as possible, but as much as necessary, when it comes to problems – and ensure you talk and listen to others. Not every problem turns out to be as serious as it may seem at the beginning.”

Enjoying an interesting lifestyle outside the workplace

Finally, Luisa emphasises the importance of pursuing your own interests outside of work. In her spare time, she enjoys orchestral music, outdoor sports, meeting with friends, cooking and gardening.

Luisa concludes: “I am a hardworking and caring woman. This is reflected in both my professional and my private life. I enjoy working within great teams where we care for each other while doing great and thorough work. A balance of hard work and taking care of each other is essential for the wellbeing of all and I take it very seriously.”

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