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Teamwork is key for Exyte Engineer Yeo Ling in Malaysia

Teamwork is key for Exyte Engineer Yeo Ling in Malaysia

 September 03, 2019

“If you have the capability, talent and drive, nothing is too far to reach," says Yeo Ling, Head of the Engineering Department for Exyte in Malaysia. She shares her Exyte career journey.

Travelling to new places is a passion for Yeo

Yeo enjoys travelling and she cherishes the opportunities she has with Exyte to visit and work in different countries. Her exemplary work in Malaysia led her to head projects in Vietnam and Singapore, where she continued to demonstrate her skills and capabilities.

“I invest time and effort in learning more about the history of a new place, and understanding its people better. Working in a new country is daunting at first - you feel everyone is looking at you closely. But just keep being focused on your work, and you will gain a lot from your interactions," says Yeo.

Happy memories working on projects with different teams

Looking back at the years she has spent at Exyte, Yeo has a lot of happy memories. Having been involved in various projects and with different teams, Yeo believes that teamwork is the key to any successful project.

"It is amazing to see how a team of people comes together working towards the same goal to meet the Project Milestone," she explains. "The sense of achievement when you see the lines in the drawings comes into reality helps to get one ready for the next one."

Recognizing the importance of good mentors at work

Yeo also stresses the importance of having mentors at work. "My manager actively provided me opportunities to grow. He recommended me for a Global Talent Program - which was a key milestone in my career. I met and networked with people from across the world, and it made me appreciate diverse views and ideas. The personal coaching, the Global Talent Program as well as the overseas projects that I had the chance to be a part of, made me more confident of my abilities," she explains.  

Today, Yeo is held in high regard by her clients, and she commands the respect of her peers, team and the management. Her efforts have led to multiple repeat orders from clients and her technical skills and work attitude set a strong example.

Gaining inspiration from female engineers and colleagues 

"I believe it is important to take keen interest in the work one does. Construction is no longer a man’s world, the women at Exyte have provided time and again that given an equal opportunity, they can achieve anything. During my early years as a process engineer, I was inspired by female colleagues from Singapore office. They have been with company even longer than I am and held prominent positions. I learnt from them that you can achieve all that you aspire for and be someone in this company as long as you work hard for it," concludes Yeo.

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