President of Amazon Fashion Christine Beauchamp speaks to London Amazonians about her professional career journey

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Amazon Fashions Christine Beauchamp oversees partnerships

Amazon Fashion's Christine Beauchamp oversees partnerships

 September 03, 2019

Women working with Amazon have the opportunity to gain inspiration from further women within the business. For example, Amazon's employee affinity group Women@ hosted President of Amazon Fashion Christine Beauchamp in its London offices.

At the event, Christine spoke about her professional journey at Amazon and the opportunities she has used to explore different career paths that she hadn't previously thought available.

Christine shares her experience and career tips with other women

Christine has many years of experience in the fashion and e-commerce sector. Previously CEO at Victoria's Secret Beauty, she also served as brand president at Ann Taylor and has spent time as Global Brand President for the brands Lauren, Chaps, American Living and Ralph for the Ralph Lauren group.

Christine is a graduate of both Harvard and Princeton universities and started her career in investment banking with Goldman Sachs and Boston Consulting Group. She now promotes Amazon's fashion range, as well as seeking out focused partnerships. Since joining Amazon in 2017, Christine and her team have brought in new private brands and significantly added to Amazon's fashion offering.

“It's an exciting time in fashion right now. Not only with known brands, but many new and emerging brands with important things to say from an aesthetic and a core values perspective," says Christine.

Fresh ideas, new perspectives

Christine is a strong advocate for encouraging women in the workplace. In a previous interview with Forbes, she said "I find that young women don't speak up enough. I think we all have an internal filter that can prevent us from participating and I think that filter can get even higher and higher as you don't participate, to the point that it's insurmountable. So what I always say to young women is that by virtue of being young and having a different perspective, you have a fresh idea and your perspective and point of view is really valid."

Christine has also talked about how being a mother influences her work. "I think it has made me more focused and a lot more efficient because I need to do great work - as good as I can - and then I need to go home and be a mom and be the best mom I can be. So it has made me very focused, pretty efficient and I'm better at balancing now," commented Christine.

A strong focus on female talent development at Amazon

Women@ events bring together employees across the business for open discussions around key topics in today's workplace.

Women@ is committed to attracting, developing and retaining women in both tech and non-tech roles across Amazon. Women@ has chapters across Amazon business units and geographies, to provide professional support, and explore initiatives to hire and develop more women. 

Join inspirational women like Christine at Amazon

Do you like the sound of working with a global company that values the contributions of women?

To chart your own path at Amazon, take a look at the company's open jobs today.

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