Meet four talented Capgemini women from around the world

Meet four talented Capgemini women from around the world

 September 05, 2019

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The passion, dedication and expertise of Capgemini's people powers everything the company does. Working in teams across the world, the employees of Capgemini bring diverse experience and varied skillset to the service of customers. Here, a selection of Capgemini's talents share the ways they make a difference, every day.

Liu Qingping Vice President & Head of Automotive Asia Pacific – Capgemini Invent, Shanghai, China

"What sets Capgemini Invent apart in the Chinese market is its huge automotive footprint – we work with 70 per cent of the world’s top car manufacturers. Also, we have strong expertise in areas as varied as customer experience, business modeling, supply chain development, and digital transformation. Thanks to this experience and knowledge, we are able to help our clients keep up with the speed of innovation in the fast-changing Chinese automotive sector. In the last four years, our business has grown 20 per cent in China, which means that we have had to grow our project management teams very rapidly.

"To achieve this, I have put a great emphasis on hiring and training talented young consultants, especially in the digital field. So far, we have managed to provide our clients with some of the most innovative digital customer experience solutions in the Chinese automotive market. One of my greatest satisfactions is seeing my team grow stronger every day."

Imane Djellalil Software Engineer – Capgemini Paris, France

"You could argue that becoming a Software Engineer was not in the cards for me. But at 19, after studying literature and theater for two years, it is the path I chose. I was determined to learn how to code so I enrolled in the 'Full-Stack Java Developer' training program offered by the Capgemini Digital Academy.

"The program allowed me to learn a highly valuable skill with no personal financial investment. I really loved the fact that it is open to everyone – people with no higher education or no prior knowledge of programming languages can participate. And the hands-on learning methodology based on practice was a real motivator for me since it allowed me to complete an internship where I worked alongside industry experts and prestigious clients. When I was offered a position at Capgemini, it was an easy choice for me to make because the company offers real opportunities to learn and build a longterm career."

Eloina Rodriguez Gonzalez Manager, Digital Transformation Team – Capgemini Mexico City, Mexico

Eloina Capgemini Mexico

"For the past two years, I have been accompanying a Mexican multinational company in the implementation of global IT projects. This leads me to travel all over the world and collaborate with people of different cultural backgrounds, which I always find very thrilling.

"Recently, my team and I flew to Beijing to support our client in the acquisition of a Chinese company. Prior to and during our 55 workshops there, we worked hand-in-hand with our colleagues from Capgemini China, which was a real asset. They helped us understand Chinese regulations and trends, assess the acquired company’s internal processes, and, especially, overcome language and cultural barriers. The fact that we had previously worked together for this client, but also shared the same Capgemini culture, was key in presenting ourselves to the client as a unique and well-consolidated team, capable of speaking the 'same language'. Our stakeholders appreciated the fluidity of our collaboration and were impressed by our ability to bridge the gaps between Mexican and Chinese cultures.

"Ultimately, Capgemini’s global footprint, as well as our strong cultural awareness and ability to work efficiently across cultures, have been strong factors in our client’s decision to choose us as partners for the past 17 years. They know that no matter where in the world they decide to develop their business, they can rely on Capgemini’s high level of professionalism, as well as our strong cultural and technical expertise. On a more personal note, Beijing was mind-blowing and I cannot wait to go back."

Tove Hjelm Data Scientist – Sogeti part of Capgemini Gothenburg, Sweden

"My role, as a Data Scientist, is to transform data into knowledge – something that is absolutely paramount in executing AI projects. Recently, I took part in the development of an AI assistant for a Swedish governmental agency, which aimed to help employees extract important information from old Swedish handwritten documents dating from the 18th century.

"My mission was to transform the documents into machine-written texts and then to identify important information within the texts. To achieve this, I had to do a lot of language processing and text analysis. In the prototyping phase, we found that AI had the potential to significantly increase the team’s productivity. Instead of spending time deciphering and analyzing documents, which the system could do for them, employees could focus 100 per cent on taking informed decisions. This is what I find great with human-AI collaboration: while AIs take care of the repetitive and basic tasks, humans can concentrate on assignments where they can really add value performing a role that AIs cannot do – like making complex decisions, demonstrating creativity, or showing empathy.

"So, as human-AI collaboration continues to evolve and expand to all sectors of the economy, I believe that it will become more and more crucial for companies to understand how humans can efficiently augment machines, how machines can reinforce what humans do best, and how to redesign business processes to support this partnership."

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