Rio Tinto attends Government forum in Queensland to help tackle domestic violence as a growing area of corporate concern

Rio Tinto continues efforts to combat domestic violence

Rio Tinto continues efforts to combat domestic violence

Rio Tinto is continuing its work in recognising and combating domestic violence, having attended an event exploring what corporate Australia is doing to fight the issue.

The company was among 150 business representatives at a Government forum at the Queensland University of Technology, who gathered to compare notes on domestic violence as a growing area of corporate concern.

Rio Tinto is working hard to combat domestic violence, having starting its work in this area back in 2015 through the Male Champions of Change program, which elevates gender equality. The company is also White Ribbon accredited in recognition of its efforts. 

Knowing the facts - and knowing them respectfully

Rio Tinto Social and Engagement Chief Adviser Rachel Durdin was quoted in The Courier Mail ahead of the Queensland event, saying that starting the conversation around family domestic violence is not an easy task for organisations. 

“I think the main backlash has been when we’ve gendered the conversation, when we talk about violence against women, you’ll get someone say, ‘oh but Matt, his wife Rachel, she’s always beating him or done whatever’,” she commented.

“It’s knowing the facts and knowing them respectfully and saying, yes I understand that, one of the key differences between a man and a woman experiencing violence is that a woman is often in fear for her life.”

Pioneering training for staff at Rio Tinto

More than 1,200 staff at Rio Tinto have received training that helps them recognise, respond and refer anyone who discloses domestic violence, including perpetrators. Bystander training is next on the agenda and Rio Tinto is also aiming to assist perpetrators of domestic violence to seek help.

“I think it’s easy for organisations to support people who experience violence, and that’s the right place to start, but when we want to move to prevention, we need to start looking at how do we create a culture where people are able to know what a respectful relationship looks like,” added Rachel.

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