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HCLs Arthur Filip reinforces importance of women leaders

HCL's Arthur Filip reinforces importance of women leaders

 September 17, 2019

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Arthur Filip, Executive Vice President and Head of Sales Transformation and Marketing at HCL Technologies, talks about how HCL is working with its network of employees and customers to strike a #BalanceforBetter within the technology industry. 

In his role, Arthur oversees customer relationships, sales excellence & operations and initiates transformational activities. He also leads all marketing functions including global business, strategic marketing, sales enablement and corporate communications to drive demand, growth and value for the HCL Technologies brand.

Be inspired by the many salient aspects that Arthur Filip discusses in HCL's engaging and authentic video.

Learning from women at home and at work

"From a very early age, I learned from my mom and my grandmother so much about how to interact and how to respect people, how to conduct myself, how to learn, how to love life. And my wife came into my life and she's my biggest superhero and role model. I hope that every woman and every man has an opportunity to have strong women in their life, to teach them and to learn from," says Arthur.

"The same thing applies to work. You need to be able to have people that you can learn from, and get great mentoring. The future of our industry depends on having the most diverse backgrounds. Historically, and even today, [technology] has been one of the least diverse industries and after a while that starts to bother you," he continues.

Taking real action to support women at HCL

"One of the things I'm really, really proud of that we're doing at HCL is that we've put together a comprehensive program and we focus on things like mentoring, we focus on development, we focus on creating opportunity, just making the whole system come together better, and especially tying mentors together and providing recognition in the workplace. Our Human Resources team have put real formal programs into place - programs like Ascend, Stepping Stones, Feminspiration, She Inspires, Red Ladder and Women Lead."

"As a company, in the work we we do, we're so into the fabric of working with our clients and we form these great relationships. And in those relationships, we started to realize it's not only about creating great programs for people that work within HCL, we've got to extend that opportunity now to great women leaders and great up-and-coming leaders in our clients. And so we've created the opportunity to really bring both together. I will tell you, I personally learn each and every day from so many great role models and mentors - women that work with HCL, and that work with our clients," Arthur adds.

"I just want to say on behalf of all the women, and all the men, at HCL - each and every one of you is a leader, a role model and a mentor and a teacher for inspiration. Thank you for being my inspiration. We are going to work this journey together and create opportunities so that we as an industry can really make a big impact around the world." 

Watch this video to see Arthur further discussing the topic of women and diversity in the technology workplace.

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