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A workplace that works for flexible careers

A workplace that works for flexible careers

Imagine having the opportunity to be involved in everything from property portfolio management and state-wide government ICT projects to customer service delivery improvements and the preservation of NSW’s rich history - all of which contribute to improving the lives of NSW residents.

That’s a very real prospect for women who work at the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI).

As a service provider and the lead for all of government technology innovation, the opportunities for women at DFSI are limited only by the imagination.

With more than 6,000 employees spread across 100 sites in NSW, DFSI’s breadth of functions means that its people can lend and develop their skillsets to a whole range of challenging and meaningful projects, groups and initiatives that provide endless opportunities to collaborate and network across the public sector.

Flexible working is part of the norm

DFSI works hard to ensure that employees are supported to achieve their full potential while being able to balance the demands of work and other commitments.

Flexible work options are part of the norm at DFSI, with employees having the option to work from different locations in city centres or regional areas. Tools and technology, in conjunction with a supportive workplace culture, enable this to happen easily. Suneetha Bodduluri, Director Application Development Systems, understands the importance of technology in enabling flexible work options. Suneetha has a demanding leadership role but with DFSI’s flexible work options, is able to successfully balance this with her busy life outside of work.

50 per cent female senior leadership

DFSI has set an ambitious, yet achievable, target of exceeding the NSW Premier’s priority of women occupying 50 per cent of senior leadership roles by 2025. Key to achieving this are programs like Future Female Leaders, established and run by DFSI employees such as Robyn Keegan, who is developing and implementing initiatives to increase the representation of women in senior leadership roles.

Another core part of this goal is to ensure that women throughout the organisation are provided with professional development opportunities, regardless of level or location. 

DFSI’s flagship Women in Leadership program is aimed at developing and nurturing the next generation of women leaders. There’s also Leadership Essentials, which is designed to build the skill of people leaders. For women in the earlier stages of their career, there’s the “my mentor: Courageous Woman” program that’s aimed at helping women realise their full potential both personally and professionally.

All this equates to a supportive, engaging workplace where internal mobility is encouraged and career pathways are plenty. Learn more about DFSI at

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