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HCLs gender equality initiatives empower women in the workplace

HCL's gender equality initiatives empower women in the workplace

 October 02, 2019

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With deep-rooted inequalities in many industries, it's important that companies support women in their careers through additional initiatives, campaigns and programmes.

Prime Employer and equality champion HCL has stepped up to provide these forms of support for its female employees. With multiple interactive sessions held across major HCL locations in India over the past month, HCL's Ascend Leadership program focused on empowering women at all levels in the workspace.

Understanding the importance of women leaders

HCL women's development

HCL understands the value of women in leadership and the diversity of thought they can contribute to the company. This commitment comes from senior levels - Arthur Filip, Executive Vice President and Head of Sales Transformation and Marketing at HCL, reinforced the importance of women leaders in an engaging and important video.

Meanwhile, Women Lead Australia is a pioneering program powered by HCL Technologies which encourages aspiring women executives through strategic mentoring and networking with successful industry leaders.

And HCL's commitment to women's careers has truly been a success. Vice Chairperson, HCL Technologies and CEO and Executive Director of HCL  Roshni Nadar Malhotra was named Indian Business Leader of the Year by Horasis.

HCL's employee-led Women Connect initiative

Earlier in the year, HCL also hosted multiple interactive sessions across Noida, Chennai, and Pune in the past month, as part of its employee-led Women Connect initiative.

women connect HCLHCL is playing an important role in shaping our future women leaders.

HCL women's development

Work for a company committed to support women's career success

Women who work at HCL are empowered to pursue their dreams and ambitions to fulfil their potential and achieve career success.

Join these women by searching for exciting job opportunities at HCL today.


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Disclosure: Where Women Work researches and publishes insightful evidence about how its paid member organizations support women's equality.

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