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HCL marks 10th anniversary and shares the companys vision

HCL marks 10th anniversary and shares the company's vision

 October 06, 2019

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Marking an important 10th anniversary for HCL in France, company leaders Rajeev Nanda, Head of Delivery, France, Arthur Filip, Sales Transformation and Marketing Head, and Subrat Chakravorty, HR Head, Europe, shared HCL's vision for an empowered future.

HCL France

Celebrating an empowered vision of trust and technology

Since 2009, HCL Technologies has helped enterprises in France to reimagine and transform their businesses for the digital age through technology-led innovation. HCL's range of clients has included a world leader in integrated railway systems, an aerospace champion, an insurance giant, a reputable banking institution, a leading pharmaceutical company, and a trailblazer in energy management, among others.

HCL is celebrating its empowered vision of a shared future, a vision that stands committed to being a partner of choice for forward-looking companies by helping them transform technology into a business advantage; to being a top employer of local talent; and being a company that gives back to the community.

HCL France leaders

Creating exciting and important career opportunities

HCL has invested in two data centers and a delivery center in Lyon to spearhead new-age research and technology-led innovation, drive further growth and attract more local talent to its workforce.

HCL employs more than 330 employees across its offices in Lyon, Toulouse, and Paris, representing 16 nationalities across its workforce in France. HCL has thousands of employees working across multiple delivery centers across the globe supporting French customers in their transformation journey.

HCL France celebrations

Celebrating best-in-class partnerships

Since 2009, HCL has partnered with more than 22 Global 2,000 companies in France, supporting them through technology innovation, complex engineering, and business transformation.

HCL’s strategic acquisitions such as Volvo IT, and partnerships with the likes of IBM P&P, Geometric SAS, and Broadcom have further fueled its growth in France.

HCL has been recognized by BNP for its ‘Employees First, Customers Second’ management philosophy, which is taught as a case study in HEC Paris.

Now, as HCL France wants to thank every one of its ideapreneurs in France, and around the world and above all, it wants to express its gratitude and appreciation to its customers, both old and new, for placing their trust in the company and carrying on the relationship beyond the contract.

HCL France women

Work for a company that empowers its employees

Women who work at HCL are empowered to pursue their dreams and ambitions, to fulfill their potential and achieve career success.

Join these women by searching for exciting job opportunities at HCL today.


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