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Eaton inclusion resource groups further workplace diversity

Eaton inclusion resource groups further workplace diversity

 October 06, 2019

A shout out to Eaton's inclusion resource groups around the world. iERG members help identify priorities and break down barriers.

Inclusion Eaton Resource Groups (iERGs) bring together employees who share a common purpose, interest or background. The company's eight iERGs promote a welcoming, inclusive work environment that embraces difference and encourages the participation of all employees. The groups are as follows:

  • WAVE – Women Adding Value at Eaton iERG
  • Veteran – U.S. Military Veterans iERG
  • ENGAGE – Eaton Next Generation Achieving Goals and Excelling iERG
  • iConnect – Black, African-American and People of Color iERG
  • SOAR – Strengthening Our Asian Resources Asian-American iERG
  • #VAMOS! – Hispanic and Latino iERG
  • Eaton Pride – LGBT and Allies iERG
  • enABLE – People with disabilities and/or managing special needs iERG

Collaboration, mentoring and professional development

Inclusion ERGs at Eaton are a place for employees to collaborate and provide or receive mentoring and professional development. Moreover, iERGs introduce new employees to Eaton's organizational culture and help to build and maintain employee engagement, satisfaction and retention.

Currently, Eaton's eight iERGs have more than 9,500 members in 60 countries. The WAVE and ENGAGE iERGs operate on a global basis, with more than 75 local groups (called myWAVE and myENGAGE). In the United States, the Veterans iERG serves members of the military and support allies. In 2016, Eaton launched three additional iERGs: SOAR in support of its Asian-American employees; iConnect, supporting Black/African-American/People of Color employees; and #VAMOS!, supporting Hispanic-American and Latino employees. Eaton also launched a North American Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender iERG (Eaton Pride), which expanded to Mexico and parts of Europe in 2018. Also in 2018, Eaton launched enABLE, a new global iERG for people with disabilities.

These iERGs help Eaton identify priorities, break down barriers to change the culture, engage in business projects and get involved in initiatives to attract, retain and develop talent. Some of their activities include webinars, speakers, stretch assignment projects, networking events and roundtables with executives.

Eaton iERGs can be change agents

It was Eaton's iERGs that provided feedback and the business case to expand the company's paid parental leave policy in the U.S.

Eaton's iERGs benchmarked and developed the company's Stretch Assignment Marketplace, a creative way for employees to get involved in projects across Eaton's businesses, functions and regions and develop skills while building connections across the company.

For International Women’s Day, Eaton's WAVE iERG lead a global effort that involved more than 16,000 people at 130 locations across Eaton's regions. Events included speaker panels and an opportunity for employees to make personal declarations about the actions they will take to support of a more inclusive environment at Eaton.

In India, Eaton's WAVE iERG helped to develop and promote a program to identify women with experience in engineering, supply chain, HR and finance who wanted to re-enter the workforce after taking a career break. So far the ReLaunch program has matched more than 45 women with opportunities at Eaton

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