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Watch Consultant Tanvi share how HCL supports her career journey

Watch Consultant Tanvi share how HCL supports her career journey

 October 06, 2019

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HCL Technologies empowers its ideapreneurs to do great things and make a positive and transformative impact on the industry. 

In an engaging video, Tanvi Rastogi, Associate Consultant, speaks about her journey with HCL and the flexibility the organization offers her to be her best self and do her best work.

The flexibility and opportunities to learn and grow

During her time at HCL, Tanvi has experienced different roles and responsibilities, starting as a Management Trainee. With HCL's support, she has gone from strength to strength and progressed in her career.

She also praises her "wonderful" colleagues at HCL, many of whom have become close friends both within and outside work.

"My journey has been absolutely fabulous and HCL has given me so many opportunities to learn. It has always been flexible enough to allow me to explore different kinds of work and cultures in different teams. That's the beauty of being at HCL," she says.

"I am happy to be part of this company and happy to be part of this family."

Watch Tanvi's video below.

Be an ideapreneur like Tanvi at HCL

Women who work at HCL are empowered to pursue their dreams and ambitions to fulfill their potential and achieve career success.

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