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Women enjoy long-term career satisfaction at NSW DFSI

Women enjoy long-term career satisfaction at NSW DFSI

Talk to senior HR advisor Tamara Bellear-Mayers and she’ll blow you away with her enthusiasm – and this after 20 years in the public sector and a decade with the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation.

“I love what I do,” she says. “This position that I’m in as a Senior HR advisor is exactly where I want to be.”

Figuring out what she really enjoyed the most

When it all boils down, what Tamara really loves doing is helping people. She started her working life with the Aboriginal Medical Service in Redfern and has travelled through the then Deputy Premier’s Office, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Minister for Health, the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, the Department of Education and Training and NSW Counter Terrorism before finding her home at the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, all the time finding satisfaction in being able to find solutions to people problems.

Moving with the times

Tamara has been witness to a period of great change and has seen first-hand how an injection of people with private enterprise experience has invigorated and energised the department.

“There’s been a lot of change, but it’s good; we need to change,” she says, adding that it is part of her department’s responsibility bring staff along on the change journey.

She has also noticed the transformation in culture:” People think that public servants do this, public servants do that – it’s not that way here. It is changing, we’ve got to be more flexible to the public, we’ve got to be accountable to the public – not that we weren’t in the past, but I think there’s a lot more emphasis on what we do as the public sector. It’s public money so we have to be able to show that this is what we’re doing and this is the benefit you as a community person and you as the public are going to get from it.”

Her work is challenging but fun. “It is a very happy place to work. I know the people, I like the vision."

“I’ve been here so long and I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t love what I did," she exclaims.

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