MetLife features in Women in the Workplace Report from Lean In and McKinsey for supporting women at their critical step up to manager

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MetLife case study featured in Women in the Workplace Report

MetLife case study featured in Women in the Workplace Report

Prime employer for women, MetLife, is featured as a case study in the Women in the Workplace Report from Lean In and McKinsey. The report identifies the biggest obstacle women can often face in their careers is stepping up to manager level, dubbed 'the broken rung', and points to MetLife as a great example of how companies can combat this issue and help women to thrive at this point in their careers.

MetLife: helping women step up to manager

The report states that MetLife realized that in order to see more women in leadership they needed to fuel their own pipeline. This meant developing talented women from the entry level up and promoting more of them to management roles.

In order to achieve this, MetLife launched a 14-month career development program for high-potential women called Developing Women’s Career Experience. The program not only trains women in key leadership skills like business acumen and strategy, but also increases the sense of urgency to promote women. This effort has paid off, with many participants taking on expanded roles and responsibilities within six months of completing the program.

In addition, through its Women’s Business Networks, MetLife also runs Lean In Circles - a program that brings small groups of employees together for monthly peer support and mentorship.

Increasing diversity in hiring and promotions

MetLife has also focused on increasing diversity in hiring and promotions. The company actively ensures a wide range of candidates and makes sure that managers consider diversity when they make succession plans. The report also outlines how MetLife uses external recruiters to identify diverse talent, ensures that job requirements are gender-neutral, and trains recruiters on issues in the selection process that could impede diverse hiring.

In addition, to foster diverse talent in the company’s own ranks, MetLife has trained leaders to be mindful of potential bias in the review and career development process.

As a result of all these implementations, MetLife has strengthened the representation of women in its workforce - and more than half of its managers and entry-level workers are now women. 

A great accomplishment indeed.

Join a company that supports women's progression

MetLife is committed to providing programs and resources that strengthen leadership capabilities and help women thrive in the company.

Looking to join a prime employer for women, check out MetLife's current job vacancies.


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