Interbrand recognises Amazon as a Best Global Brand for its exciting launches and acquisitions

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Amazon ranks high in Interbrands Best Global Brands list

Amazon ranks high in Interbrand's Best Global Brands list

 October 24, 2019

Amazon is ranked high on Interbrand's highly influential Best Global Brands list that provides marketers, investors and consumers insights into leading modern brands.

Amazon makes an iconic brand move

Amazon is celebrated for its iconic brand move.

Interbrand defines an iconic brand move as one that alters the competitive landscape; that is supported by a credible commitment; and creates a period of competitive advantage that can be measured by profitability and revenue.

Amazon's iconic brand activity includes the launch of Amazon Prime and Kindle launch; announcing Echo (Alexa) and acquiring Whole Foods and bundling it with Prime.

“Why is [Amazon] so big and continues to grow? Because it is the poster child for a bold brand,” says Nathan Birch, CEO of Interbrand Australia and New Zealand.

“It continually disrupts itself: from books and videos to Kindles and streaming. It makes bold moves into emerging technologies like Alexa and voice, continues to listen intently – and that’s no slight to Alexa itself – to its customers, the acquisition of Whole Foods, the complete shifting of the distribution model," he adds.

“Amazon is a continuing trajectory of bold but calculated moves that keep it both relevant and responsive."

Work for one of the best global brands

Amazon is a pioneering company that values diversity of perspective, thought and experience to make it one of the best global brands.

Thanks to its diverse teams, it is bringing innovative ideas and developments to the tech industry.

If you want to be involved in Amazon's exciting growth, search and apply for jobs today.


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