New South Wales (NSW) Customer Service is developing a whole of government Artificial Intelligence strategy to better leverage technology

NSW Customer Service launching whole-of-government AI strategy

NSW Customer Service launching whole-of-government AI strategy

A new and exciting whole of government Artificial Intellience (AI) strategy is being developed in Australia by the News South Wales (NSW) Department of Customer Service to leverage technology in a safe, secure and private way.

The AI strategy is schduled for a first quarter 2020 release date. The government cluster has already developed a draft User Framework, which will provide detailed toolkits for agencies to inform procurement and use of AI solutions. The document will be refined and tested after further consultation with government users and industry experts.

Across all sectors, AI represents a significant opportunity for innovation, increased efficiency, and a more personalised and tailored user experience. As such, the Department of Customer Service is leading the development of a whole of NSW Government AI Strategy to harness the power of AI in order to deliver world-class public service for the people of NSW.

Government use of AI

So far, NSW Customer Service says feedback on AI use by government falls into five categories:

  • Building Public Trust: stakeholders say government has a responsibility to educate the public on AI and build trust by delivering positive community outcomes and managing the risks of AI
  • Best Practice Use Of Data: the data feeding AI technology must also be used safely and securely, including complying with privacy and data sharing requirements. Stakeholders asked the government for more clarity on what data can and can’t be shared and used with AI
  • Building Capability In Government: the government should lift its own AI capabilities, using it and other emerging technology to inform AI procurement, maintenance and to “inform service delivery”
  • Procurement: the department says feedback so far indicates stakeholders see opportunities to have the procurement framework “take more timely advantage” of technology like AI, including more proof of concepts.

Embracing innovation and collaboration

NSW Customer services addes that stakeholders say they want a role in delivering better service delivery outcomes, which the department summarised as:

  • we need to leverage innovation capability in the SME sector
  • academia are eager to understand the problems we are trying to solve and to collaborate
  • government can be the creator of a bridge between industry, academia and agencies
  • so innovate and solve  ‘wicked’ problems, NSW Customer Service needs expertise from outside government

Making an impact at the AI Thought Leaders Summit

Illustrating the government department's passion for innovation and AI, Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello is hosting an AI Thought Leaders Summit to ensure government agencies place customers at the centre and AI is used to drive better outcomes.

The Minister brings together key stakeholders to collaborate on how to use AI for society’s benefit. The summit focuses on the State’s AI ecosystem and identified the next steps to shape the future direction of AI use in NSW, including testing the NSW AI ethics framework and AI strategy currently in development.  

An exciting time to join NSW Customer Service

NSW Customer Service offers a wide selection of career paths - and with the AI strategy and extensive digital transformation underway, now is a great time to join the department.

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