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Prime employer Amazon fosters a culture of innovation

Prime employer Amazon fosters a culture of innovation

 November 18, 2019

Prime employer for women, Amazon, prides itself on creating a culture of innovation. It achieves this through running pioneering programs and creating a supportive work environment.

A column from delves into six specific ways in which Amazon generates its exciting culture of innovation.

1. Employees are empowered to innovate

Amazon has a 'working-backwards' plan and a 'PRFAQ' document to encourage employee innovation. Any employee with a big idea outlines the vision with a theoretical press release to go with it, and writes a FAQ that explains the customer benefits. A team of innovators at Amazon evaluates the idea, and some get funding and make it to market. Prime Now, Amazon Go, and Alexa all came from this process.

2. Failure is expected

Amazon creates a safe space to fail. It's about more than the typical test, fail, repeat cycle that many companies can claim. Amazonians say 'if you're testing something that you know will work, it isn't considered an experiment, and thus you're not inventing anything'.

3. Decisions are not irreversible

Amazon believes that, if it is agreed in advance that a failed experiment won't have a negative impact on the customer, it makes inventors more comfortable proceeding. Amazonians are able to make wrong decisions and try again with different ideas.

4. Help employees move toward their passions and ideas

Amazon offers opportunities and training to broaden its employees' skill sets. Doing so breeds best-practice sharing and offers Amazonians the chance to pursue their big idea, even by pursuing a new role.

5. Nurturing creativity fosters innovation

Amazon supports creativity through initiatives such as Expressions Lab, which allows employees to attend workshops and creative classes; the Spheres, a place to conduct meetings in a botanical setting; and the Amazon Symphony Orchestra, an all-employee orchestra that plays community concerts.

6. Investing in tomorrow's innovators

Amazon's Future Engineer program expands computer science education access for more than 10 million students. The goal is to give more students the chance to be innovators in health care, arts, education, tech, and more. 

Read's column which further explores the six elements of Amazon's culture of innovation.

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