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HCLs Women in Outsourcing Awards recognize high performers

HCL's Women in Outsourcing Awards recognize high performers

 November 26, 2019

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HCL Technologies is honoring women leaders and and women professionals with high potential through the Women in Outsourcing Awards.

HCL's Women in Outsourcing Awards in partnership with IAOP identify, recognize and award women professionals, and leverage them as role models for other aspiring women. The initiative is well received and creates a niche for itself at several industry platforms to recognize women for their contribution to business.

Red Ladder celebrates women's work

The awards form part of HCL's Red Ladder initiative which encourages women in the workplace - be it within HCL or at the company's client organizations - to aim higher and reach further in their careers. Through a range of activities, the gender inclusion program identifies high performing women and supports them in taking next steps towards effective leadership roles.

The Women in Outsourcing Awards categories are as follows:

  • Leadership in Transformational Sourcing: recognizing individuals with 10+ years of work experience who have shown leadership in moving from transactional procurement to transformational procurement thus driving the sourcing team’s performance to meet long-term expectations
  • Excellence in Innovation – Emerging Technologies: recognizing a senior woman executive with 10+ years in the industry who has embraced emerging technologies to fuel innovation and drive better business outcomes
  • Women Empower Women: recognizing the achievements of a senior woman who provided support and assistance to women in their organization/communities. 
  • Rising Star Award (5+ years' experience): open to women who have not only already made a mark in business but are also ‘women to watch’ in terms of future contributions

Nominations for 2020 are closed and the winners will receive their accolades at the OWS2.0 event in Orlando.

"The task of finding the best has never been easy. A well-endowed panel of judges makes this find most fair and deserving. We thank and appreciate all the judges for making this possible for HCL’s Red Ladder Women in Outsourcing awards, in partnership with IAOP," HCL commented.

Build your career with HCL Technologies

Women who work at HCL are empowered to pursue their dreams and ambitions to fulfill their potential and achieve career success.

Research the many exciting job opportunities with HCL and join their networks of talented women throughout the company.


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