Nottingham Trent University recruits smart women

Nottingham Trent University recruits smart women

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Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is a world-class employer with a global reputation for excellence in teaching, research, and academia. 

With a shared vision, NTU is a community of more than 4,000 colleagues, all committed to a common goal of becoming the University of the Future.

And it wants you to join them

Working at NTU

In order to attract, motivate and retain highly talented people, NTU are putting in place a culture that weaves together the ambition of the University with the aspirations of the individual; a place that empowers you and rewards collaboration.

NTU listens to you and gets to know what inspires you because it understands the direct relationship between your performance and its collective success. By connecting these two it can redefine what’s possible for you and the University. 

The University:

  • recognises and rewards an individual’s contribution through commercially competitive salaries and an inclusive bonus scheme across every grade
  • create opportunities within your career for personal contribution, development and growth
  • make the transition for joining and being part of this amazing place as easy and desirable as possible for those who can make an impact.


Core benefits 

NTU’s success hinges on its people, and their ability to shape, create and innovate – wherever they work, and whatever they’re doing. In return, the University provides a great range of benefits and career development opportunities.

  • Pay: NTU undertakes regular pay benchmarking, comparing University salary levels with both the Higher Education and private sector, so you can be sure you're receiving the most competitive pay for your skills and experience. 
  • Holiday: NTU staff benefit from a generous holiday entitlement of between 28 - 40 days per year (depending upon grade) inclusive of University closure days.
  • Pension: The University offers attractive Pension Schemes to all staff via either the Local Government Pension Scheme or Teachers Pensions, to which they make a significant contribution on your behalf.
  • Recognition of contribution: The University values the commitment and achievement of its staff and the contribution they make towards organisational aims, and will reward you for exceptional contribution.

NTU recognition

  • Recognition of continuous service: In certain circumstances, NTU will count your service at other recognised institutions, such as in HE/FE within the UK, as continuous service. This means your entitlement to enhanced benefits based on length of service will be calculated taking into account service accrued at these institutions.
  • Personal and professional development: NTU encourages all staff to develop their skills to get the most out of working at the University. They also support staff wishing to undertake external courses and attain professional qualifications.
  • Academic development: NTU is committed to developing academic practice to ensure that students are provided with quality learning experiences. We provide a range of development opportunities for those who teach and support learning.
  • Volunteering: The University offer a range of volunteering opportunities for both individual staff and departmental teams. These opportunities can be as diverse as helping in a school breakfast club to being a trustee of a charity, and provide staff with an opportunity to develop new skills and support the local community.
  • Health and wellbeing: The health and wellbeing of staff is a high priority and the University offer a range of confidential services including face to face training and online advice and guidance.
  • Sports facilities: Gym membership is available to staff and their family members and offers activities at both the City and Clifton Campus
  • Flexible working: The University is committed to supporting the work/life balance of its staff and offers a range of employment practices to provide part-time and flexible working, enabling staff to combine their work responsibilities with caring responsibilities.

Working collaboratively with staff

NTU is fully aware the best way to achieve success is to work collaboratively with all its staff, supporting and empowering them every step of the way. The University recognises the most important part of who it is is the people, who work passionately to realise its ambition of creating the University of the Future. 

Rashmi Patel, Head of HR Operations 

"I’ve been massively supported in my own progression here. I’ve had some excellent line managers and mentors throughout my career at NTU, and so many opportunities – things I’m really proud to have been involved in. As a place to work, NTU’s up there with the very best," says Rashmi.

NTU women

Dr Michelle Pepin, Directorate Policy Manager

"I genuinely believe I’ve got the best job at the University. There’s variety, and there’s challenge. No two days are the same. Today, I’ve got this fantastic view of the University and the whole HE sector: a view that’s bigger and far wider than the one I started out with, when I first arrived," says Michelle.


Cen Mustafa, Editor

"NTU support work-life balance. You’ve got access to opportunities here that can shape your career," explains Cen.

career ntu

Dr Sarah Broadberry, Principal Lecturer 

"What makes NTU special as a learning environment is the value they put on good teaching. That sounds simple, but they’ve really worked hard on the balance between teaching and research. The students come first at NTU," says Sarah.

teaching ntu

Jane Dudley - Assessment Centre Coordinator 

"I feel valued. You’re able to expand and develop yourself in different areas at NTU, and you’re recognised for those ambitions. You can always count on a great standard of encouragement and support," adds Jane.

Jane Dudley

Nottingham Trent University is going places - come with them

NTU has momentum, a strong reputation, and some very big plans – as both a university and an employer.

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