Honeywells Phoebe Henson honored in Forbes 30 Under 30

Honeywell's Phoebe Henson honored in Forbes' 30 Under 30

 December 20, 2019

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Honeywell #futureshaper Phoebe Henson is featured by Forbes in the 30 Under 30 - Manufacturing & Industry list.

At the age of just 26 years old, Phoebe is Project Lead at Honeywell Aerospace where she leads a team developing technology to help astronauts breathe on Mars.

Honeywell Phoebe

Phoebe's approach uses advanced materials called ionic liquids that capture carbon dioxide directly from a closed atmosphere in a way that's more efficient, reliable, reusable, safer and smaller than any method now in use. The project, which is funded by NASA and valued at more than $200 million, is set to be used on the International Space Station.

As a child Phoebe knew she wanted to be an inventor, make gadgets and solve a lot of big world problems. As she got older, she learned that another name for this was an engineer and she went on to receive her Bachelors degree at Arizona State University.

"I am developing a technology that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere of a spacecraft. This is one of the technologies that will make it possible to live and breathe on the moon and Mars," says Phoebe, who is based in Phoenix, Arizona, US.

"I love working on my project and working with my team. They are some of the best scientists and engineers at Honeywell."

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