Women enjoy STEM careers at Spirax-Sarco Engineering

Women enjoy STEM careers at Spirax-Sarco Engineering

 January 07, 2020

Jemma Moore is a woman in engineering.

She works for Spirax-Sarco Engineering as an Environmental Health and Safety Manager for the Group Supply Chain. Jemma discusses her career at Spirax-Sarco Engineering, sharing her perspective on the industry as well as revealing who she takes professional inspiration from.

Working in a diverse team

Jemma loves working at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​ because of the challenges she gets on a day-to-day basis - for her, not one day is the same. She also enjoys working in a mixed, diverse team, because you can draw on so many things and come up with new ideas.

An industry for curious minds

But what do you have to do to pursue a career in engineering? For Jemma, it's all about how your mind works.

"I think you have to have a very curious mind to be in the engineering industry," she says.

Discussing the future of engineering

Find out about Jemma's predictions for the next big trends in engineering - including automation and intelligence.

Join curious minds like Jemma at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​

There are some great women like Jemma working at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​, each one inspiring in their own right. Each one is passionate about their experience in engineering and recognise the opportunities it can present.

If you want to pursue a career in engineering, search an apply for jobs at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​ today.


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