Spirax-Sarco Engineering graduate scheme launched career

 January 07, 2020

At Spirax-Sarco Engineering, graduates get the chance to put their drive and ambition into practice with a company that encourages innovation and ingenuity.

Rebecca is a Technical Projects Sales Engineer and was placed as part of Spirax-Sarco Engineering's graduate scheme. She get to work in a variety of roles over her career and take advantage of a range of opportunities.

A diverse level of roles and responsibilities

In her department, Rebecca uses thermodynamic principles to size any products required to solve customer issues. These may range from a single valve up to an entire re-design, with site visits providing a different level of understanding through a hands on approach.

"One of the most exciting parts about working for a company such as Spirax-Sarco Engineering, is that due to the vast range of sectors we operate in, there are multiple different opportunities, and depending how the world changes, we are able to respond and remain successful," she explains.

"Engineering provides a diverse level of roles, working from designing the parts, through to technical proposals. My previous role in Sales was as a Project Co-ordinator for the relocation of one of our buildings. Even though this may not initially seem like an engineer’s role, by having the knowledge learnt through University and Spirax-Sarco Engineering, I was able to apply these engineering principles and ensure the project continued to the best of my ability," she adds.

An endless supply of opportunities

For students looking to start their career, Rebecca suggests looking towards engineering.

"I would recommend engineering to any student who is unsure about what career to take, it provides an endless supply of opportunities in almost any sector across the world, and is always changing."

Take advantage of the range of opportunities at Spirax-Sarco Engineering

Whether their chosen career path is within an analytical role to marketing or product development, every woman at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​ is passionate about their experience in engineering.

If you share their passion, search and apply for a job at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​ today.



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