Hear from talented women at Spirax-Sarco Engineering

Hear from talented women at Spirax-Sarco Engineering

 January 07, 2020

Spirax-Sarco Engineering hopes that, by raising awareness of female engineers, it will over time encourage more women to pursue careers in engineering.

Which is why the company wants to shine a spotlight on its women engineers, who are inspiring in their own right and are passionate about their experience in engineering and the opportunities it can present.

Hear from these women thriving in their careers at Spirax-Sarco Engineering.

Amanda Shakespeare, Inspection Team at Spirax-Sarco Engineering

“My role is busy and varied, I particularly enjoy the technical demands it brings.”

Emily, Graduate Engineer at Spirax-Sarco Engineering

“I would describe my career in engineering as diverse, exciting and challenging. The projects I’m working on are a vital part of our future; I feel like we are on the verge of something really exciting.”

Emily graduate engineer

Teeny, Thailand General Manager at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​

“An engineering background has helped me to better understand our customers' processes and be able to provide the best products and solutions to them."

Sonia, Senior Mechatronics Design Engineer at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​

“My speciality is thermo-fluid-dynamics and modelling, which helps us understand and predict the behavior of steam, but the best part is that what we learn is used to develop new products that save energy and improve safety."

Maike Nielsen, General Manager Global OEM at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​

“I have met so many talented women in engineering, I strongly believe that a diverse workforce greatly strengthens us as a business."

Rebecca, Graduate Engineer at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​

“Engineering provides an endless supply of opportunities in almost any sector across the world and is always changing."

Jemma Moore, UK EHS Manager, Group Supply Chain at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​

“You can draw on so many things from having quite a mixed, diverse team.”

Join talented women in engineering at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​

Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​ are always looking for talented and ambitious women to strengthen its workforce and add vitality to the business.

If you're interested in pursuing a career in the engineering industry, search and apply for jobs at Spirax-Sarco Engineering​​​​​​​ today.



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