Culture and values are at the heart of Spirax-Sarco Engineering

Culture and values are at the heart of Spirax-Sarco Engineering

 January 15, 2020

Prime employer Spirax-Sarco Engineering recently refreshed its company values, working extensively with leaders from across the business to ensure the values reflect, preserve and promote the most important aspects of its culture.

Spirax-Sarco Engineering's core, refreshed values are:

  • customer focus
    customers are at the heart of the business. Through expertise, passion and professional insight Spirax-Sarco Engineering achieves extraordinary results for both external and internal customers
  • excellence
    the company approaches challenges with passion, aiming for excellence. Spirax-Sarco Engineering continually strives for further improvements 
  • respect
    everyone matters, both inside and outside the company. Spirax-Sarco Engineering listens to diverse perspectives to generate new ideas and make better decisions
  • integrity
    the company works in a way that is fair and honest. Winning with integrity leads to sustainable results
  • safety
    the safety and wellbeing of people is Spirax-Sarco Engineering's first consideration. The company anticipates dangers and reports hazardous situations 
  • collaboration
    building relationships across the business allows diverse teams to work together, share expertise and help others

These values provide the foundation upon which Spirax-Sarco Engineering makes decisions, drives innovation and manages its global operations. By aligning the company's culture with its business strategy, they make Spirax-Sarco Engineering more competitive in the marketplace. 

Communicating Spirax-Sarco Engineering's refreshed values across the group was just as important as defining them. Managers in each business were encouraged to work with their teams to ensure that the values are embedded across the company's culture.

Culture and values underpin decision making

"Values are the guiding principles we use across the Group to underpin our decision making, guide our conduct and define our culture," says Nicholas Anderson, Spirax-Sarco Engineering Group Chief Executive.

Nicholas Anderson Spirax-Sarco Group Chief Executive

Sharing a culture of trust

Spirax-Sarco Engineering's people are considered to be the company's most valuable asset, truly reflecting and embodying its culture and values.

All employees share a culture of trust, collaboration and integrity and this is one of the main reasons for Spirax-Sarco Engineering's continued success. An important part of its culture is having a collaborative working environment that also prioritises the professional development of every employee. It is a culture embraced by over 8,000 employees to make Spirax-Sarco Engineering a better and more fulfilling company to work for.

Further your career with Spirax-Sarco Engineering

From technical engineering, new product development, machine shop roles and technical sales to core functions such as finance, marketing and HR, Spirax-Sarco Engineering has career opportunities for everyone.

If you're interested in joining Spirax-Sarco Engineering, search and apply for a role today.


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