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Discover how women at HCL work on critical technology projects

Discover how women at HCL work on critical technology projects

 January 26, 2020

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Working at HCL Technologies can mean an opportunity to make an impact on improving the world for the better through critical projects. Quantum computing and accessibility engineering are two of many areas where the company is making a difference.

Two videos shared by HCL offer insight into the work of women focusing in these important areas of technology.

Meenakshi Benjwal talks quantum computing 

HCL's Meenakshi Benjwal shares how cutting edge applications of quantum computing can tackle the challenge of drug diversion and abuse, ensuring better patient outcomes.

"Prescription medicine and medical equipment abuse are growing and serious concern we all need to urgently look into. It adversely affects patient care, causes significant deaths and may lead to reactive outbreaks and cost millions of dollars to health care systems," says Meenakshi. 

Bhavna Kapur talks inclusive engineering

HCL's Bhavna Kapur explains how empathetic interface design ensures better inclusivity, better accessibility and a fairer world that leaves no one behind.

"In a hyper-connected and hyperactive world, technology is redefining the limits of human potential. However, this reality remains a distant dream for almost a fifth of the world's population who are constantly facing challenges with everyday technology the rest of us take for granted," says Bhavna.

Technology that helps important causes

HCL's revolutionary quantum computing and nano technology can enable early detection and prevention of drug diversion through syringes and other devices fitted with 'smart dust'.

Meanwhile, the company's security solutions help make technology more inclusive. HCL can design digital interfaces and technology touch points for diverse accessibility challenges being faced by users with disabilities, and build a better digital future.

Make a difference in a career with HCL

HCL Technologies is looking for ambitious women to join the company and be at the forefront of innovation.

Search and apply for current vacancies and forge a thriving career with HCL.


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