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F5 CEO François Locoh-Donou talks power of worth

F5 CEO François Locoh-Donou talks 'power of worth'

 February 26, 2020

To celebrate Black History Month and truly advance diversity and inclusion efforts, F5 CEO François Locoh-Donou has given a call to action to white allies in corporate America.

In his statement, he discusses themes of sponsorship and recruitment, and gives guidance on how all organizations, both big and small, can take steps towards unleashing the power of worth in their employees.

"One of the most powerful and direct forms of leadership – at any level of an organization – is to unleash the power of worth. To me, worth is the belief that every human is unique, valuable and capable in whatever pursuits they choose. For us to thrive, we need to exercise our worth, feel valued and capable of achievement," says François.

"And yet, as we take stock during Black History Month, the reality is that many people who are black – including me – operate in groups everyday where they are always a minority, accept unconscious biases which marginalize them and deal with comments that can be offensive or simply insensitive. Intended or not, they fundamentally degrade a person’s sense of worth."

"As leaders, I believe we can – and must – do better than that," he adds.

Read the full article on LinkedIn.

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