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AECOM colleagues share IWD #EachforEqual messages

AECOM colleagues share IWD #EachforEqual messages

 March 03, 2020

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AECOM is committed to driving positive change for women in the global workplace. The company supports empowerment, equality and opportunity by creating an environment where all employees can reach their full potential.

From every geography and field of work, AECOM's employees are taking part in International Women’s Day (IWD) and taking action for gender inclusion. By recognizing the contributions of women, advancing them into leadership positions, serving as mentors for others and identifying and combating unconscious bias, AECOM wants to help create an #EachForEqual world.

AECOM is updating its blog site with stories from employees who champion the advancement of women and inspire future generations. The company is also sharing insight into its people, IWD events and activities across social media. Here are some examples:

Michael S. Burke, Chairman and CEO

AECOM CEO Michael Burke

AECOM Chairman and CEO Michael S. Burke kicked off the company's IWD celebrations by sharing his vision for how AECOM can help build a gender equal world. 

“As an employer of choice for women in STEAM, we’re proud to support and champion equal opportunity and representation. Working together, we can better support and celebrate one another, challenge stereotypes, broaden perspectives and ensure everyone has a voice. Let’s continue to celebrate the positive gains women in our industry are making every day,” he commented.

Kim Timm, Executive: Structures, Buildings and Places

AECOM Kim Timm

AECOM's Kim Timm, who works as Executive: Structures, Buildings and Places, also shared her views on IWD and the #EachforEqual theme.

"I like to reflect on the pivotal achievements and advancements made toward women’s equality. Despite how far we have come, we must acknowledge the role each individual plays in actively challenging stereotypes, broadening perceptions and fighting bias," Kim commented.

Kelli Bernard, DCSA National Cities Lead

AECOM Kelli Bernard

Kellie Bernard, DCSA National Cities Lead, added: "Organisations that foster inclusion and diversity are healthier and more profitable. The more representation we have across our institutions, including government, media, academia, health care and the boardroom, the stronger we will be." 

Kate Morris, Head of Consulting, Transportation - Europe, Middle East and Africa

Kate Morris AECOM

Meanwhile, Kate Morris discussed the impact of employee initiatives, such as AECOM's mCircles mentoring program for women: "Our teams are empowered to create equal opportunities and identify ways to improve, which promotes a culture that celebrates diversity, inclusion and equity."

Costanzo Graffi, EMEA Highways Lead

Costanzo Graffi

"IWD highlights why driving equality is fundamental for a successful social and business environment. I'm proud to play an active role in embodying and advocating for small actions that create a more #genderequal and #inclusive work environment," said Costanzo Graffi, EMEA Highways Lead.

Jane Penny, Executive Vice President Business Development

Jane Penny AECOM

Jane Penny, Executive Vice President Business Development, discussed the impact of IWD: "While young girls and boys do not significantly differ in their math and science abilities, they often differ in their interests and confidence related to STEM subjects. IWD offers a great opportunity to inspire young girls."

Freya Sadarangani, Senior Achaeological Consultant

Freya AECOM consultant

Freya Sadarangani, Senior Achaeological Consultant, talked returning to work at AECOM after having children: "Through the ability to work flexibly and a supportive manager, the anticipated feelings of self-consciousness were instantly reassured."

Caroline Scholze, Studio Designer

AECOM Caroline Scholze

Caroline Scholze, an AECOM Studio Designer, commented: "It is a time to recognize, learn about and celebrate women who have and are currently making great changes in our professional careers and our communities." 

Employees describe importance of inclusivity

In addition, AECOM published a blog post titled 'What's diversity without inclusion?' asking a range of employees to describe the importance that inclusivity plays in conjunction with diversity and how they’re helping to drive gender parity.

In the blog, employees Helen Carnevale, Marissa Farrar and Wendy Lopez share their thoughts on how everyone can help move the topic of inclusion from words to action.

Read what these inspirational AECOM employees have to say about diversity and inclusion.

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