Medtronic employees discuss importance of women's healthcare

 March 09, 2020

To mark International Women's Day, colleagues working in Research at Development at Medtronic shared their thoughts on why women's healthcare is so important.

Watch Medtronic's video to hear employees talk about the difference their work can make to women with health issues all over the world. 

Helping women to live long and healthy lives

Here are some of the insightful responses from Medtronic employees.

Heather Harvey, Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Research and Development: "Women's health is important to me because for so long women's health wasn't even spoken about among other women. It's important for me to be a part of what is changing that for the future."

Nikolai Begg, Senior Research Manager, Research and Development: "Because there are diseases that impact a huge number of women around the world with no good solutions."

Melinda Abraham, Senior Strategic Resourcing Specialist, Research and Development: "It's an area that's greatly under served and lobbying to improve the lives of women worldwide is an important issue."

Arvind Mohan, Engineer, Research and Development: "At Medtronic we can move along what the standard of care is. That's what drives me."

Suzanne George, Senior PMO Manager, Research and Development: "The products that I develop could save my mother's life, my sister's life, my niece's life, my life."

Ana Packard, Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager, Research and Development: "It's important for us to obtain product clearances in a timely fashion, so that we're able to get the latest and greatest technologies to women and their surgeons."

Pete Marshall, Senior Engineering Manager, Research and Development: "Our work has the ability to positively affect the lives of the people who matter most to us."

Jordan Whisler, Senior Engineer, Research and Development: "I have a wife and daughter at home and I want to make sure they live long and healthy lives."

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Medtronic is on a mission to provide better healthcare for all women.

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