Capgemini collaborates with clients to progress flexible working

 March 10, 2020

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Capgemini understands the importance of work-life balance and is therefore building further on its Work Life Harmony policy by collaborating with clients.

At total of 78% of Capgemini's people feel they are given the flexibility they need to balance work and their personal life. Capgemini is proud of this achievement but also recognises that there is more work to do.

With the majority of Capgemini's people working on client sites, it makes sense for Capgemini's next step to be collaborating with its clients across the UK to increase flexibility together for the benefit of all. On such like-minded client is Smart DCC.

Working flexibly for the best possible outcome

"At Capgemini, we recognise our employees have different responsibilities and priorities outside of work and therefore need varying levels of flexibility. We also recognise, with the majority of our people working on client sites, our customers play a key role in the way they work. So we aim to promote flexible working, whilst ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients. I'm very proud to share that together with Smart DCC, we have been able to do just that through a working culture based on trust, two-way flexibility and forward planning," explains Bal Gill, Head of Employee Experience and Inclusion at Capgemini UK.

In a dedicated blog post and video, Capgemini and Smart DCC discuss their work together and the positive impact of flexible working.

Furthering a flexible work culture with Smart DCC

Capgemini works in collaboration with Smart DCC to build and maintain a Cloud platform at the core of delivering the UK’s energy transition to a low carbon economy. From the outset of working together, finding a collaborative, outcome-focussed delivery approach was a high priority.

Cliff Morton, Director of People and Organisational Development at Smart DCC follows a flexible working ethos himself and promotes it in his team – with flexibility around location, hours and even work equipment. And it’s not just Smart DCC employees that reap the benefits: the organisation is also committed to working flexibly with suppliers.

Capgemini colleagues Kim Parker and Alex Soady both have client-facing roles at Smart DCC and work three days a week. Smart DCC is supportive of their working patterns, planning meetings around availability and using technologies such as Skype to keep in touch.

Alex says: “It’s very much give and take – [the client] is really happy, as long as you set the right expectations.”

Kim adds: “After a go-live, one of the other suppliers commented she didn’t realise I was part-time, which proved to me that I was able to deliver everything I needed in the hours I was available with the help of my team.”

There are many further examples of Capgemini employees working with Smart DCC on full time flexible working patterns and periods of remote working too.

For Capgemini, it’s ultimately about delivering the best possible service to its client. Through a relationship built on trust and a business-outcomes focused approach, the Smart DCC and Capgemini partnership has become a shining example of delivering results in a people-focused and flexible manner.

Read Capgemini's full blog post discussing flexible working and collaborating with Smart DCC.

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