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F5 Principal Technical Evangelist Lori MacVittie: Women in Cloud

F5 Principal Technical Evangelist Lori MacVittie: Women in Cloud

 March 18, 2020

F5 Networks’ Principal Technical Evangelist, Lori MacVittie, has shared her thoughts on how women in cloud are changing the industry's narrative.

The F5 leader spoke with Cloud Pro about the ways in which the cloud industry becoming more welcoming because there is less of an ‘establishment’.

A rise in supporting women in cloud

“Whether it’s coincidental or not, the rise of cloud was accompanied by a significant drive to recognise and support women ‘in cloud’," said Lori. “The culture of the cloud industry is very welcoming and cloud as a technology is often credited as democratising the resources needed for women to take their place as entrepreneurs.”

“The adoption of cloud-based solutions in the workplace has also meant that it’s easier to balance work and life, because the tools you need to work are always accessible from anywhere – even home,” Lori continued. “I see that accessibility as broadening corporate acceptance of remote work when it’s necessary and alleviates stress on women who struggle with work-life balance.”

Handling workplace relationships in tech

Lori was pleased to confirm she has not come across many roadblocks in her industry based on her gender, although there are aspects of workplace relationships with that have at times proven frustrating.

“Throughout my career I have experienced male colleagues who wouldn’t take direction from a woman, and also men at conferences who are completely taken aback when they realise I know what I am talking about,” she said. “My question is, what made you assume I didn’t? It’s frustrating but something I try to move past quickly – you can’t let people like that bring you down.”

Building a reputation as an industry expert

Lori added that she sees career progression as a continued challenge, especially as women become more established in their roles and industries. 

“The challenge, in early stages, is to establish yourself in your field of expertise and figure out how to build a reputation that will help you later when you start planning more strategically," she advised. 

"Choosing a company that best suits your priorities for your career and life is an important factor in balancing both. If your priority is family, you don’t want to work for a company that doesn’t respect that. If your priority is your career, you want to make sure there are opportunities to [progress] where you work."

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