Spirax-Sarco Engineering unveils Employee Assistance Programme

Spirax-Sarco Engineering unveils Employee Assistance Programme

 April 23, 2020

In order to further support their employees during the COVID outbreak, Spirax Sarco Engineering has launched a global Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to all employees.

The programme provides legal and financial support, counselling sessions (face-to-face or virtual), critical incident advice and access to a number of online resources.

Spirax Sarco Engineering has partnered with a provider to offer the EAP in each of the company's global locations and in every local language, offering a truly comprehensive support programme for all employees worldwide.

Importantly in the current climate of the coronavirus, Spirax Sarco Engineering's EAP programme serves as a further support mechanism in addition to the company's suite of responses and activity.

Online learning, socialising and wellbeing services

Spirax-Sarco Engineering prioritises the well-being of its employees and stakeholders - and safety is one of the company's core values. 

To support employee development and well-being, online learning opportunities can be accessed via Spirax-Sarco Engineering’s in-house academy that sees a wide range of courses on aspects like how to remain productive while working virtually and management of remote teams.

Initiatives such as '#coffeetalks' are also enabling employees to connect both socially and professionally to maintain collaboration, plus a number of resources are helping employees stay fit and healthy during the coronavirus lockdown.

Launch of a Women's Network

Spirax-Sarco Engineering is also expediting the launch of its Women’s Network to offer female employees additional support and information, as well as providing access to peer-to-peer support.

Providing wider support in the fight against COVID-19

Spirax Sarco Engineering warehouse

Spirax Sarco Engineering provides essential services in the continued fight against COVID-19.

In light of the situation, Spirax Sarco has implemented rigorous contingency plans to minimise the employee and business impact. Watch their video here.

For example, the company manufactures a number of components to the pharmaceutical and food and beverage sectors - and in the UK, Spirax Sarco Engineering is currently manufacturing a key component for life saving Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) breathing devices to help COVID-19 patients with lung infections breathe more easily.

Employees of Spirax Sarco Engineering are critical in the global fight against COVID and many will be dealing with increased levels of intensity whilst juggling the changes in their personal lives, due to the social distancing measures in place across much of the globe. So, the company's range of responses are of course very timely and necessary.

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