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84.51° colleagues share useful tips for remote working

84.51° colleagues share useful tips for remote working

 April 23, 2020

84.51°'s associates have been finding new and creative ways to manage the work-from-home challenges throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Working remotely is a new experience for some employees, so 84.51° has been featuring some of the employees' stories and scenarios with the wider community via social media.

Cathie Whitson, HR Business Partner

Cathie Wilson 8451 children

Cathie shares how she is adjusting to life at home as a busy parent.

"I have four kids, so I'm in demand at work and at home," she comments. "I have set time on my calendar every day to be with them and have lunch as a family, as well as scheduled breaks for me to do activities with them. It helps me take a break from work, and also connect with my kids."

8451 conference call

Terron shares a top tip for reducing disruption from family members during virtual meetings and telephone calls. 

"I had to incorporate ways of working for my husband and stepson. This Post-It has reduced interruptions while I'm on a call," says Terron.

"However, my rambunctious rule breaker, Lambo [my dog] may appear on a few video conference calls!"

Stephanie Leuck, Talent Development Manager

Stephanie Leuck office

Stephanie defines a space as her ‘office’ – even if it’s a desk in her bedroom. This allows her to create a balance between her work and home life, despite being in the same building.

"Video chat with your colleagues and don't talk about work," she adds. "It's important to retain those relational connections that you would get when passing by a colleague in the hall or in the office café."

Beth Giglio, SVP of Human Resources

Beth Giglio 8451

Beth knows the importance of connecting – even if it’s not work-related. She has virtual video lunches where colleagues share what they’re eating and how life is working with their new ‘coworkers’.

"My advice for working from home is to create a rouitine for you and your family members - aka new 'coworkers'," Beth additionally advises. "I have actually blocked my calendar for Health & Wellness time to go for a walk and take time with my kids."

Erika Judd, Director of Analytics

Erika Judd volunteering 8451

Erika shares how she is lending a hand in the community during the global pandemic.

"I have been focusing more on community outreach and have been operating as the neighborhood runner," she says. "I go to our Kroger stores almost daily (now with mask and gloves) and pick up for my family and elderly neighbors."

Leslie Grause, Recruiting Operations Lead

Leslie Grause 8451 pets

Leslie shares her tips on working remotely and sharing office space with her beloved pets.

"It's important to keep your body moving. I've relocated my 'office' around my house to about four or five different spots around my house to change up my scenery," she advises. "I also try to make sure I get up at least every hour so I keep moving and alert."

Amy Bryant, Customer Success Manager

Amy Bryan 8451

Amy offers some insight into how her client focused role is adapting throughout the pandemic.

"My team is focused on delivering a great product, Stratum, to our clients so that they can gather insights quickly and efficiently. This, in turn, helps our CPG partners and Kroger react quickly to all of the changes happening," she comments. 

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