Medtronic pays tribute to former CEO for D&I efforts

Medtronic pays tribute to former CEO for D&I efforts

 April 28, 2020

As new CEO Geoff Martha takes the helm, Medtronic has paid tribute to inclusion and diversity efforts of outgoing CEO, Omar Ishrak.

Omar held the position of Chairman and CEO from 2011 - 2020 and was one of just three CEOs in Medtronic history to come from outside the company. He stepped into the role at a time when the company needed a fresh growth strategy that was ambitious yet anchored by its Mission.

"We're a stronger, better company because of the authenticity and accountability Omar Ishrak brought to our inclusion and diversity efforts. He made inclusion a true business priority, often pointing to it as key to our success as a business," Medtronic stated.

"Gender equity was at the top of Omar's agenda and real progress takes consistent and unwavering efforts. Under Omar's leadership, we were named a Catalyst Awards winner for our commitment to building inclusion and advancing women.

"With Omar's passion driving us, we're incredibly proud to have 100 per cent gender pay equity in several countries, including the U.S., and 99 per cent globally. We'll keep driving Omar's vision until we achieve 100 per cent equity for all employees."

The company's scale and ability to impact healthcare around the world grew immensely during Omar's tenure as CEO. He led Medtronic through the largest acquisition in med-tech history, redefined the company's growth strategy, inspired it to embrace value-based healthcare (VBHC), and strengthened its position in emerging markets.

Importantly, Omar also championed an inclusive company culture from the very beginning. Medtronic has shared insight into how Omar championed diversity and inclusion and advanced women at the company during his tenure.

Omar made diversity and inclusion a key Medtronic priority

Omar brought authenticity and accountability to inclusion and diversity efforts, helping establish measurable goals like women holding at least 40 per cent of global leadership positions and ethnically diverse talent holding at least 20 per cent of leadership positions at the company in the U.S. 

Medtronic Omar Ishrak

In 2019, Medtronic conducted a comprehensive analysis that showed its global pay equity between genders was 99 per cent ― and 100 per cent in certain countries, including the U.S. The company also conducted an ethnic diversity analysis in the U.S., which included all genders, and found that for every $1 that white employees with a certain job title earned, ethnically diverse employees earned $0.99.

Medtronic Omar Ishrak women

Geoff Martha takes the helm and preparing for the future

Geoff Martha Medtronic

Geoff Martha has important orioirities as the new CEO of Medtronic. Prior to being announced as Medtronic’s new CEO, Geoff served as Executive Vice President and President of Medtronic’s Restorative Therapies Group (RTG). In that position, Geoff had global responsibility for RTG’s four divisions, including Brain Therapies, Pain Therapies, Specialty Therapies, and Spine.

Geoff has played a critical role in Medtronic for more than eight years, and the business is excited to see him take the helm at this time. "We know he is the right leader to propel us to new heights," Medtronic has stated.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Omar throughout his tenure,” said Geoff. “I think I speak for all of us when I say we are tremendously grateful for his leadership over the past nine years, and for his steadfast commitment to the Medtronic Mission. He has provided us with a solid foundation on which to continue the journey.”

Omar will remain with Medtronic as Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Medtronic Board of Directors.

Work with Medtronic and build on Omar's vision

If you want to work for a company that knows the importance of an inclusive and diverse workplace, search Medtronic's open job roles.


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