Schneider Electric VP says choose a learning-focused employer

Schneider Electric VP says choose a learning-focused employer

 April 30, 2020

Natalja Kissina, Vice President of HR in Gulf Countries at Schneider Electric, shares her top five reasons why people should choose an employer who values continuous education and learning.

Leading tomorrow, requires learning today

Participating in education efforts can help you develop some of the most critical skills required to be a more successful leader. Learning how to incorporate feedback into a personal development plan, shoring up communication skills, making decisions and taking actions for the good of the organization, and even mastering new, critical skills, can be instrumental in pivoting to a leadership role within your organization. It can also help develop the mentality to lead from where you are.

Finding the right employer is a lot like dating

We’ve all heard the importance of chemistry during the interview process, both for the employer and employee, and “fit” is a huge part of finding the right company. So, a company that prioritizes your growth is a green flag from the get-go. A company that takes the time to invest in the development of their employees, is one that recognizes the critical role of their attention to you, will play in both of your successes. Organizations such as these, show higher levels of employee satisfaction, better relationships between managers and their direct reports, and generally more positive environments.

Learning can be an important stress-test

Sometimes, learning efforts don’t just highlight what is new, they can reveal weaknesses and gaps in a skill set that can then be addressed. For more established employees, sometimes those who are a little removed from newer technologies or processes, it can be a little difficult to develop an understanding of where to begin on the path of self-improvement. Directed continuous learning efforts can shine a light on what you need to work on, and your employer is a huge part of this effort.

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Education helps you broaden your network

Whether you’re participating in workshops, watching videos and taking trainings offered by your company, actively seeking out assistance from subject matter experts in your firm to develop your skill set, or just conducting the research required to develop a personal learning plan, education is not just a personal activity. A successful effort to learn, should be putting you in contact with people all over your organization. This type of networking can be distinguished from networking that lacks a defined purpose. It will go further and be more meaningful. Establishing connects made on a path for personal learning can provide a communal sense of purpose in the workplace, especially when meeting people across business functions.

Continuous education enhances marketability

This is one of those reasons that can be straight forward. But the marketability I’m referring to here doesn’t just reflect your attractiveness to future employers, or a prettier resume, rather, workplaces that both allow for and prioritize the education efforts of their employees are assisting them in becoming more marketable within the organization. Lateral moves are much more common in organizations with a strong focus on education, and employees are more satisfied with long-term careers in such organizations. It’s no surprise that organizations that promote personal growth and continuous learning, are better equipped to take advantage of it, and when considering where you want to have a career, such organizations should be at the top of the list.

Work for a company that prioritizes employee learning

As a people first organization, Schneider Electric strives to create a workplace that develops personal growth via a set of concentrated learning activities. 

If you want to learn and grow in your career, search and apply for a job at Schneider Electric.


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