Capgemini UK celebrated in Workplace Wellbeing Index

Capgemini UK celebrated in Workplace Wellbeing Index

 May 12, 2020

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Capgemini UK has received a Silver award in mental health charity Mind's Annual Workplace Wellbeing Index. The award recognises the steps Capgemini takes to support positive mental health and well-being in the workplace.

The listing celebrates the good work employers are doing to support positive mental health while providing an industry benchmark of best policy and practice. The Silver award recognises Capgemini's work to promote employees’ mental well-being, demonstrating progress and impact over time.

Committed to promoting positive mental health

Capgemini remains committed to promoting positive mental health, as shown in its Active Inclusion strategy. Its successful Mind submission highlights just some of its achievements in this respect.

The company has mobilised 115 Mental Health Champions across the UK, all trained by Mind, and equipped to provide support and advice to colleagues. A total of 19 of these Champions have been trained during isolation to bolster the level of support available to employees.

Capgemini UK's free NHS-approved wellbeing app helps employees recognise and tackle stress and anxiety, while its ‘This Is Me’ video shared real life experiences of mental health issues experienced by some of its employees.

Finally, the company's Now You See Me campaign on Invisible Disabilities highlights the impact on mental health that having an invisible disability may have, while senior leadership support and sponsorship is shown through communications, videos and open conversations on well-being.

Work for a company that values positive mental health

Capgemini UK understands the importance of positive mental health and well-being in driving employee satisfaction and overall business success.

If you want to work for a company that prioritises employee welfare, search and apply for a job at Capgemini UK.


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