Women returners enjoy flexible working at McDonalds

Women returners enjoy flexible working at McDonald's

McDonald’s is proud to employ great people who are passionate about their jobs, and the company understands that everyone wants and needs different things in their careers, including those who want a job that fits round their family life.

If this is what you're looking for in your career, McDonald's is here to support you with flexible working for both crew members and head office workers.

Women returners

Forge a flexible leadership career as a franchisee

Becoming a McDonald's franchisee also offers women the flexibility they need to return to work while raising a family. As franchisees, women are able to tailor their day-to-day work around other commitments, all while running a successful restaurant and being part of a supportive worldwide network.

Reema franchisee McDonald's

"I worked in the corporate world of I.T management for ten years. My job involved a lot of travel and my hours were not flexible. I missed my children’s plays, I missed a lot of sports days and I knew something had to change because it was not the life I wanted to lead for my family," says Remma Mavani, McDonald's franchisee. 

"I still had my ambition and drive but I needed more of a work-life balance so I started to look into Franchising. The food industry was completely new to me but McDonald’s provided the support and training I needed. Now, I can realise my ambitions and organise my time to be there for my family."

From corporate background to franchisee

"My background is predominantly in retail. I started out working in a corporate environment and then decided that I wanted to work for myself. I really had a passion for running my own business, I wanted to be in control of my own destiny. So I took the decision to buy a retail business. I loved that and had a fantastic time. After 10 years I felt it was time to move on to a different challenge. Something new. So then I went on to McDonald’s," explains franchisee Sarah Lloyd.

franchisee McDonald

"When looking at Franchising I liked the look of the training and the support you receive as a Franchisee at McDonald’s. From day one you receive shoulder to shoulder training. When you buy the right to run a restaurant they tailor the support depending on you, your experience and how quickly you develop as a Franchisee. As a Franchising model it was a financially viable business decision for me. It was more than the financial aspect because McDonald’s is all about people and it’s all about the customer which for me really resonated with what I was looking for in a business."

Return to work in a supportive and flexible environment

As a diverse and inclusive company, McDonald's is open to welcoming women with a range of career paths and work expectations.

If you want to be supported in your return to work, search and apply for a job at McDonald's.


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