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Avons Natalie Deacon podcast on building a better world for women

Avon's Natalie Deacon podcast on building a better world for women

 May 21, 2020

Natalie Deacon, Avon’s Executive Director Corporate Affairs and Sustainability and President of the Avon Foundation for Women, spoke with Business Fights Poverty about how Avon has been continuing to support women throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Natalie explains how Avon is a company that has always championed the wellbeing, safety, safety, health and personal needs of women.

Throughout the podcast, Natalie provides great insight into how Avon is helping its representatives to maintain their livelihoods and discusses the importance of addressing the inequality that is disproportionately negatively impacting women throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

She discusses Avon's #IsolatedNotAlone campaign and describes their continuing efforts in raising awareness about the escalation of domestic violence.

From addressing issues like breast cancer and violence against women and girls, to helping women earn and learn on their own terms - Avon offers tremendous support across the world including significant fundraising for charities. For example, the company's #StandforHer campaign launched in 2019 aims to build a better world for women, through women. Impressively, Avon consistently galvanises their network of 5 million representatives to make sure they are always on "her" side.

Natalie also discusses the relationship between sustainability and gender issues. From green beauty to clean beauty to eco-conscious vegan ranges and sustainability sourcing, the conversation with Natalie is certainly very insightful.

Her views on key emerging trends for the future is certainly well worth a listen.

Hear the entire Business Fights Poverty's podcast with Natalie. It's indeed a very interesting and timely conversation. 

Avon Natalie Deacon fighting poverty

Inspired to collaborate with Avon after hearing the podcast?

At Avon there are many talented female leaders, such as Natalie, thriving within the company and making a positive difference in the world.

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