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Avon CEO Angela Cretu talks mental and physical health

Avon CEO Angela Cretu talks mental and physical health

 May 21, 2020

For the UK's Mental Health Awareness Week, Avon CEO Angela Cretu has written an article reminding everyone to take the time to be kind to themselves.

Looking after yourself and your mental health

"It’s easy to say 'be kind', but the hardest person in the world to be kind to is yourself," says Angela.

"Especially in difficult times like this, when we give so much of ourselves to our job, our family, our community, it can feel self-indulgent or even selfish to take time for ourselves. But I truly believe that if we want to lift other people up, we need to lift ourselves up too. It’s so important to look after yourself and take the time for self-care, in whatever way makes you feel at your best."

Angela's personal wellbeing tips

Angela's article also includes some of her personal techniques for looking after her own mental wellbeing.

"For me, focusing on one thing at a time makes everything more manageable, less overwhelming. Find something that makes you live in the moment. That’s why I love weightlifting – it takes my mind off everything else, as I only think about the feeling of lifting the weight. It also gives me a real feeling of achievement and progress," Angela shares. 

"Playing with my dog has the same effect – she demands that when I’m with her, I give her my full attention. We enjoy exploring the outdoors together and feeling the sunshine. Find the simple things that make you happy," she adds.

"You know best what you need to make you feel like you. Don’t be ashamed of needing time for yourself – be proud that you’re brave enough to be kind to yourself."

Read Angela's full article on LinkedIn.

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