Why Capgemini sees digital inclusion as a global priority

Why Capgemini sees digital inclusion as a global priority

 May 26, 2020

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Capgemini sees digital inclusion as a global priority - which is why the latest Capgemini Research Institute report explains how organisations can support greater digital inclusion.

The comprehensive report, titled The Great Digital Divide: Why bringing the digitally excluded online should be a global priority, saw Capgemini speak with more than 1,300 people who are currently not online, and to over 3,700 people who are online. The employer also interviewed executives at 22 non-profits, charities, NGOs, and private companies working in the digital inclusion space.

The key findings from the research are: Being offline has significant social and economic implications today, plus the offline population is eager to get online.

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Action is needed to bridge the gap

Capgemini stresses that bridging the digital divide requires collaboration and leadership from private organisations, governments, NGOs, non-profits, and academia.

Capgemini suggests private organisations should invest in digital inclusion as part of their CSR agendas, educate people on how to stay safe online, and recruit from marginalised communities. Policymakers and governments should make the internet, devices, and online public services more accessible to marginalised communities. Private organisations and policymakers together should focus on public-private partnerships and educate disadvantaged offline populations about the value of the internet.

"If the public and private sectors fail to work effectively together, the digital divide will continue to create inequalities across the world," Capgemini states. "This is something we can ill afford."

Learn more about Capgemini's report or, to learn about Capgemini’s action on the topic, visit its Digital Inclusion page.

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Work for inclusive employer, Capgemini

Capgemini cares about global issues such as digital inclusion, while actively striving to ensure its own workplace is a diverse and inclusive environment.

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