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Introducing HCL’s Komalavalli Rangamannar for INWED

Introducing HCL’s Komalavalli Rangamannar for INWED

 June 18, 2020

Within HCL there are many women engineers working to support customers and deliver important outcomes.

HCL is a company that attracts smart, intelligent women engineers who are excited by the prospect of working on business-critical projects for clients worldwide. For International Women in Engineering Day (INWED), meet HCL's Komalavalli Rangamannar.

Meet HCL’s Komalavalli Rangamannar

Komalavalli lives and works in Chennai in India as a Lead - Independent Quality Governance for HCL client, Baxter Healthcare Corporation. Her work sees her manage quality assurance aspects of disposable medical products to get the engineering delivery first time right.

“Engineering thrives everywhere,” says Komalavalli. “To be able to create something is the very nature of humankind. Creating value in the lives of people by making even a tiny difference is what attracted me to engineering and working for HCL.”

Komalavalli sees a direction across industry of automating medical quality management process requirements and medical device regulatory requirements. She also sees customer turn around processes being swiftly sped up in the future due to automation within the industry.

Komalavalli always tries to instill uncompromising quality and a sense of flexibility into the operational culture of the projects she works on. Excellence is important to Komalavalli. “Never let anything come between you and your passion,” advises Komalavalli. “Be open to new challenges and changes because change is the only constant.”

At HCL the work culture, according to Komalavalli, is very inclusive of women and encourages their comeback after a career break. The company also actively supports a positive work-life balance amongst its employees.

As a mother of a very active three-year-old, Komalavalli understands the challenges of balancing work and family. “I’m available to my little one in these testing times of the pandemic where there is no school, no socialising with friends. I am my child’s full-time companion for everything,” explains Komalavalli.

“The pandemic reinforced to me that I have the mental strength for handling many aspects at once - work, home responsibilities, my child - something I had not fully had to manage simultaneously previously. Of course, not every day is great. Some days I feel beaten black and blue. Some days I just accept that I cannot have it all and that this is ok to feel this way. Remembering this enables me to cope well and to also keep up the spirits of everyone around me. Everything passes.”

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