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What is working at Arup really like? Arup Operations Consultant Jodie started at Arup as a graduate after completing a Master’s degree in Engineering, Economics and Management at Oxford University. She has been involved in offering logistics and operations consulting on a variety of large London projects. "It’s so satisfying and enjoyable when you get the chance to collaborate with other people in your project team to produce a solution that works for everyone."

Arup's Environmental Consultant Beth worked on the high profile High Speed 2 rail project. She says, “I have worked full time for my first year on co-ordinating the environmental impact assessment of HS2. It has been a huge and high profile project to work on as a new professional in the field but I have enjoyed every minute of it and have certainly learnt a lot!"

Hear more for yourself in the videos below on what women say about their careers at Arup - the projects they’ve worked on, the people they’ve worked with, and the experience they’ve gained. And if you like what you read and want to find out more, then research Arup's job vacancies.

Ambitious women engineers are heading to Arup

So many women enjoy the nature of Arup's work, the exciting projects, thriving and progressive work culture, important values - and the opportunities they are invited to seize.

Watch some of the discussions Arup women are having about their roles in the company.  

Tap into Arup's progressive thinking

Arup believes that the best solutions can only come about by continually listening, learning and challenging. That’s why Arup created "Thoughts" which is a place for experts, practitioners and enthusiasts to talk about the issues affecting the built environment now and in the future. 

You can also find out about Arup’s innovative research and foresight work.

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Access the Arup Publications for up-to-date thinking and resources relevant to their engineering and wider sectors.

Kerryn Coker 
Associate Principal
Rachel Cooper 
Senior Engineer
Alborada Delgado 
Senior Engineer
Nicole Dubowski 
New York
Catherine Booker 
Senior Designer
Jenny Buckley 
Associate Principal
New York


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